In about a week and a half, Revelation Online will kick off Early Access, with Open Beta kicking off on March 6. announced the upcoming events for its free-to-play game today, along with the fact that players can now reserve their names for Early Access.

Early Access name reservations for Deluxe Pack owners starts today and will be available until February 21st. On February 16, Founder Pack owners will be able to start reserving their names as well.

To celebrate the Beta and Early access announcements, released a new video highlighting the game’s Occultist class that can be viewed above.

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  1. I think this game is a good game, my only problem is I haven’t been able to play it, but now its out in march for us all to play I will play it 🙂

    • its good in the videos….. i dont kno why they hype it ……. “has lots of good features”….pff no it dosent, + such a bad game…. animations etc…. it like TERA, its awsome in he videos…. but when u play it its total sh it man…
      try Gw2 or Blade and Soul this is not soo good as them.

  2. ESO IS TOTAL SH IT even asian copy past mmos are better, this is one of them , nothing new, prepare for pay to win stuff , cash shop, monthly donating , its sux, all the tiem your backpack full of useless cra p, looks lik any asian mmo just pu ke, for criminals only they like to eat shi t for own cash!

    • i tottally agree with you,already have videos on youtube proving that the game is pay2win the guy actually made 2 videos about the closed betas showing the cash shop and talking about,and makes sense really because is another greedy f*** company trying to farm our money with they ”good sense of humor”,these people Who bought deluxe edition and all that shit mark my words these people will have more advantage in the game because they bough the game first than everyone he knows all the tricks,dungeons,mobs,boss everything and only will be there in the game to kill the noobs in pvp, talking shit in chat how good they are,liking in the general chat their rare stuff and sitting around showing they shiny lvl 100 armor baaahhh give me a break.


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