Dungeons and raids are an important part of any MMO PvE experience. So, of course, it’s only natural for to spend some time discussing how they are implemented in Revelation Online. Like most games, the game has several dungeons with a variety of difficulty levels ranging from easy to epic. Interestingly, while there are five main modes, some of them contain extra deeds that increase the amount of modes to as many as ten.

Normal dungeons require 5 player groups containing one tank, one healer, and three DPS types. The first of these dungeons is available at level 20 and features two difficulty levels and two major bosses. Raids are built for 10 player groups and reward players with gear and other items.

The post also covers the game’s party search system as well as its ranking system. For the full details, read the post on the game’s site.

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  1. I played in CBT 1, pretty lame and generic game. I’d stuck around for more than a couple of hours if it wasn’t for the stupid wings.

  2. Another game that asks you to register for closed beta and then just sends you mails about their founder packs once a month, i wonder if they even sent out any beta keys.

    • I paid to get in the CBT (and week early OB). They sent out free keys in give aways, and this poor guy signed up thinking “signing up” means “get a free key”. So he is kinda off there, however, the email complaint is kind of on. They send me offers right now to buy black friday discount items (and no cash shop is in the game yet)…and we just finished a rough CBT1…and the founders pack, only real difference between the mid and high tier are costumes and pets etc… Totally selling this game through fashion right now XD and it’s barely working (CBT1 was kind of horible)

  3. “Here’s an MMORPG you get dungeons at lvl 20, 10 men raids at max level AND last of not least…. LEWT!”… I mean is it a selling point to “Game of Thrones” if I say “Here’s Tyrion he kills his father in the toilet, his brother, the best living swordsman in the 7 kingdoms, gets his fighting hand chopped off AND last but not least there’s this dude called Jon, he’s the Targaryen no one knew!” … is it only me that sees that this completely kills the mood? I mean I know i’m just “shooting the messenger” because ultimately it’s really the publisher’s fault but…. seriouly… it just kills it. 🙁


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