released a — rather short — video today highlighting the non-targeted combat system available in its upcoming MMO Revelation Online. The game features three different combat control settings: Targeted, Classic, and Non-targeted (shown here), and allows players to switch between them at will. At present, there are no videos demonstrating the other two modes — or how switching between them will work. But we do expect to see more of the game’s combat systems soon.

Revelation Online is gearing up for Closed Beta, which you can sign up for here.

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  1. more games need to add this option for both kinds of gameplay target and non target . limiting it to one is just stupid .
    this game is the future

  2. i’m currently playing this game on the china servers and it’s actually really fun. So far i played all the classes but i really love the necromancer and paladin class. The flight system in the game is awsome and its better than aion’s. You’re able to fly at lvl 29 (anywhere for however long you want). It didn’t take long to hit lvl 29 at all. It took probably like 5 hours (maybe less). once i got my wings i just flew around and had fun.

    some pros in this gamer are
    you can add points into your stats to make your own unique character
    free fly (after lvl 29)
    you can recreate how you want your character to look all the time with no charges or fees. you just cant choose a different race.
    raids are pretty awsome too different raids for different days of the week with easy-hardest mode
    voice chat is in the game
    infinite jumping as long as there stamina there to let you keep jumping
    easily sucked into the game
    fun combat/fast

    not so great animations
    it may not be for everyone
    kind of feels like they could have added more classes and races
    questing could have been a bit better but it’s not completely boring


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