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Following the most recent Closed Beta for Revelation Online, and NetEase decided to share a few stats. The graphic offers a few interesting tidbits about how things shook out after three Closed Beta Tests — probably the most interesting bits being how players were fairly balanced in selecting their classes and that panda’s make very popular minions. You can check out the graphic in it’s full glory below.

revelation online infographic


It’s important to keep in mind that these totals are from all three betas tallied together. More information about Revelation Online is available on the game’s official site.

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    • ESO Boring easy mode pve with meh dungeons and second though pvp. Couldn’t stand a month in that boring game.

      GW2 Hated from launch. Keep trying it after patches. Just feels cheap, lazy, another easy mode PvE, “everyone gets a trophy” bore fest. Cheap design like same models for ghost, humans, npc, and crap non existant story that breaks or you forget arc because it has nothing to do with what you are doing; ex: Animated story cut scene: “Pirates getting away, infiltarte them” what you do for the next 2 days: Clean cow poop. Clear out same humanoid models. Or cows, or swin quest. Unlock points in forced discovery… come back: “Oh fight hte pirate boss” to hard, soy ou go off to lower map to gain a few more levels, you unlock a different story which takes away from pirate one…so after a month of doing shit side quests, off story, you come back to the pirate one like “roflstomp who cares lol”. Just bad And like ESO a huge step in the WRONG direction of a franchise.

      WoW (lolercoaster dead after Vanilla)
      FF14 (actually, I never tried it, and I hear it is great after many changes)

  1. Honestly I tried so hard to get into the beta’s, but wasn’t given a ticket or licence into one, its been the first time I have never got into a beta. I’ve been in hundreds of them, my very first ones where UO, PE, & 6 mths as a eve alpha tester. those where goods days and lots of fun.
    but today is not the same and yesterday. lol I’ll just wait for the open beta come march.
    This game looks like a good new game to play. 🙂

  2. They forgot to mention the infographic of pay2win shop huehuehuehue
    Rip Revelation, it was fun never trying you, fked you up.
    Next mmorpg pls!


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