is set to kick off the third Closed Beta test event for its free-to-play MMO Revelation Online. Scheduled to launch on January 19th, the 3rd CBT will increase the level cap to 69 and add a lot of new post-level 49 content.

Players of both PvE and PvP content have something new to try out with the addition of new dungeons, missions, events, a 3v3 ranked arena, death match, and more. In even better news, if you participated in CBTs 1&2 your character information will carry over.

In addition to the beta event anouncement, also released the cinematic video for the Spiritshaper class. You can view the video above. Just beware, it’s a bit sad.

If you haven’t already obtained a beta key you can do so via RO’s Facebook Instant Win Contest, the link for which can be found on the CBT3 announcement post.

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  1. third closed beta? wtf whats the point of this? when they will finally realease for free this f*** game? i want to test it out and see if is really worth play, i will not waste money on freaking packs for a future F2P game pfff ¬_¬”

  2. Bad looking unoptimized asian copy paste mmo, nothing new, same ugly kid faces with huge boobs and baloon like mobs, for brainless russians only!

  3. I really really really really wanna play this but I’m not going to because I don’t wanna get scammed by another F2P MMO who tends to milk their game and scam their players. But the game looks really great maybe this game is good and I’ve just been on really bad MMOs with crappy devs but this game looks great in the cutscenes. I really wanna give this MMO a chance but with my past history of F2P MMOs I just don’t know….

    • ok honestly its a f2p game man you don’t lose shit if u try it out its like not eating out a free sample cause the previous product was bad. are you just doing this comment to gain attention ?
      so how about you first play it launch for a few hours and THEN decide what to do because you don’t lose anything by it cause its FREE

      • 90% of the previous F2P games I’ve tried were horrible greedy scams. Especially this one company who makes games. But I see your point I guess but I still might take a pass on this game. The MMO genre failed me.

    • If you don’t want to “get scammed”, all you have to do is never preorder anything.

      As for the game, it’s decent, but obviously not for everyone (pretty much like every other Chinese product).

    • Don’t waste your money on these Free to play games. The gaming industry is already in hot water now. (It not worth your time)
      I mean look at the other Older MMO games that are now a ghost town with a very small player-base. (it still being sucked dry.)

      • This one company I know sells you each inventory slot they give a small amount of inventory for free but they sell you the rest it’s one of the greediest MMO scams I’ve seen. But I think your right I wanna try revelation but I’m likely gonna take a hard pass on it.

        • Oh, you’re one of those. I withdraw my comment then. Stay away from this game. Stay away from everything. All games are a scam, all life is a scam. Better do die free and proud than to live and play like a brainless russian. Just change your name to Trionisshit so that next time people know in advance what to expect and don’t waste their time on reading the message. -_-

          • I don’t know who will pay for inventory slots because I know I won’t. But I won’t change my name to trionisshit and this message isn’t fake. Also I won’t waste my time because it’s not worth it. I’ll spend my money on better things while you spend it on garbage mmo games.

          • Also I forgot to fail to mention you got to buy each inventory slot by individual by itself for micro currency and they keep expanding the inventory slot if you don’t tell me that’s not a greedy scam tatic then I don’t know what is.

        • i agree with you is better use money on real life instead of buy individual inventory slots if this is legit then this game will be a pain in the ass,you know theres a lot of people who defends the company and the gameitself and forget to see beyond forget to see the real problem, the real deal they also forget we are all slaves for all these companies and their games i not doubt they lead this game to P2W crap stuff but anyways i will se if this game is worth try my time and my patience.

          • The game is legit but it’s a indie dev studio. I know for a fact they need money since they are poor they try to make childrens games and some rated T games but still it feels really greedy to sell individual inventory slots. The small handful of customers who defend them still don’t see how they are greedy they sell tons of rare items weekly,sell individual slots of bank and inventory and if they have houses in one game then individual inventory slots for the house to. Even though they are poor they still continue to make games they claim they won’t shut games down unless they can’t afford it even if it doesn’t have a playerbase. It’s stupid they also claim how poor and how they can’t afford staff but the CEO lives in a mansion not joking and his top guys live in very nice houses. While their bottom people work for scraps. People got mad after I quit but I was glad I did the support team wasn’t happy either they told me lies and tried convincing me to stay on a player I ignored them and they refused to close my game account so I broke rules so they had no choice but to do it. It’s pretty sad how all these greedy companies lead the P2W even the indie studios do they only keep their old dead games online because of nostalgic feelings but I hope they learn one day if they wanna move up they need to close their dead games and get a better workforce and actually pay them. They have around 80% of so volunteers and not many are paid but the CEO makes sure he has a nice fancy mansion tells you they don’t care about their company they just want profits. This is likely my last post I’m done with MMOs I already lost alot of money on this indie studio. Because of their greed they act like they wanna be friends and try to act like they are nice and wanna make the playerbase amazing but the playerbase on most of their games died off few years ago. They got probably 1 chance left and that’s their newest project they also bought a game even though they didn’t have the funds to spend they had the funds but they only bought it to kill off the project to make their games better. You can see why these companies are huge P2W I’m tired of losing my money to the F2P mmos who claim it’s free then throw alot of P2W crap and cash shops and micro currency and VIP subscriptions and so on. I got the money to pay for some of it but when they go way overboard it’s sickening. I really wanna play revelation online but I’m not chancing it I wanna appologize to the devs and publishers even though it’s unlikely they will see this comment.

          • Artix entertainment is the company sorry since I didn’t include it. But I’m unlikely to repost all this.

        • Inventory slots expansion is one of the most stupid things you can call a game p2w for. For real, inventory slots? You do realize companies are there to make money? The same you work at flipping burgers, they work at making games for you to play FOR FREE. You are never forced to pay. Of course, there are always boundaries. Trust me though, inventory slots are not even close to p2w, at all, no… just f*** no.

          Enchant boosters/end game gear/etc in cash shops are p2w, none of that shit you call is p2w. holy crap. Things that are sold in cash shop and are better than anything obtainable without paying real cash are p2w, that’s the true definition of p2w. Not exp boosters, not inventory slots. Please.


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