riders of icarus

Riders of Icarus has been infested with bots since launch. Although the dev team has been working an eliminating them, players haven’t seen much in the way of improvements. In an effort to assure players, the RoI team has decided to outline their plan.

Nexon has begun banning, removing more than 5,000 spammers, farmers, botters and hackers. They’ll be continuing with bans as well as implementing other measures such as adding more Game Masters to patrol the servers like beat cops, using tools to help them find exploiters and remove them. There is also a new report system being implemented.

To handle spammers, several chat restrictions have been implemented while they work on a better filter system. Finally, in an effort to keep everyone informed, the team will be publishing a “Weekly Banned Characters Report,” which will be updated every Monday.

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  1. where is the news? bots and gold sellers are a big problem to mmos a long time everytime they launch the game first days they swarm the game They appear out of nowhere I hope some day this race is totally destroyed because its annoying you try to enjoy the new games and then boom dam bots and gold sellers everywhere…jeez.

  2. yes the enjoyment of new games having a trash load of bots and the development team being unprepared to combat them 🙂

    • But yeah just so people know I was making fun of how games always have problems like this on day 1 of release. It’s like they aren’t prepared or don’t expect it to happen. I dislike bots as much as other players since it ruins gameplay and I probably should of said this a few days ago when I made this post.


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