WeMade and Nexon’s free-to-play, mount taming MMO Riders of Icarus has reached the 1 million player milestone; according to an announcement released by the companies earlier today. This news comes ahead of the launch of the game’s next content update, “Rift of the Damned,” which will arrive next week.

The update will introduce a new zone as well as a level cap increase. There will also be new bosses, a new 10-man raid, and — of course — new mounts to capture.

More information on Riders of Icarus and the upcoming update can be found on the game’s site.

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      • i agree with nifty and some of his replies, i think also to u… or maybe it was that guy lamba or somethin. he keeps posting “pay to win shit” or “this game is trash”

        if you think those are strong, well thought of comments, then i dunno whats wrong with u

        • Lol I don’t think all his comments are good but on certain articles he posts them on I have to agree with them since I believe in that but I don’t believe in alot of the trash posts.

        • Also I don’t know who lamba is since I never seen him on this site but I’ve seen alot of paid 2 win games but certain ones that aren’t strongly paid 2 win have peaked my interest.

        • I mostly agree with his comments about trion worlds games. Idk what he posts about other games since I pick and choose what games I post on.

      • Just as good as yours, then. While I try to look for feedback on people who actually played these games, you just go on rambling about them without any valid argument.
        I know sometimes it’s easier to say ”game’s shit p2w garbage avoid” but the internet is full of ”opinions” like yours and some of us still appreciate posts that have something to contribute, either the game bieng garbage or not.
        If you take the time to reply, make it so we can understand you, both Todoran’s and Trionisshit grammar are way too similarly awful.

        • Because they’re the same guy. Which makes things even more sad. And I doubt those two names are the only ones he uses, because there’s a few more that are so similar. I can already see himself using all these names to have a conversation with himself. I think he needs friends.

      • Agreed that guy. I mean theres some games I review that I haven’t played but I do alot of research and watch a walkthrough of it and if that doesn’t help my thirst for knowledge then I download it and try it out.

  1. Oh wow how many haters here.. Jeez

    Game isn’t bad as some people trying to say.
    It does have unique taming system, there is no p2w (unless you call p2w as fashion/soul extrator/10% taming chance lol), There is quite a lot of channels in every server, they will merge it eventually (as AION did).
    Great story(for mmorpg) so far, wonderful graphics, no more lags since last update, there is a lot of players out there, the biggest problem is BOTS and SPAMMERS, hope it will be removed soon.

  2. Played few hours, saw 1 pwerson, game not survive, its another asian copy paste mmo, a little improved then shitty predecessors, less child characters with huge boobs and not saw baloonlike mobs yet, and brainless quests like kill that kollect that are less anooying, u need to kill not 20 or 10 things but only 3 everytime but till max level same stupid quests over and over

    • troll much? trionisshit or whatever other name you use, i think it was weeaboo something, go fap to big fat guys, your comments add nothing to this website

      • Triggered because he is right. Riders of Icarus is about as stale as Echo of Soul. SUPER STALE BISCUIT. Bore fetch quest. Shit mob placement. Horrible dungeon design (all just damage spike HP stat). Bad class mechanics. Crap graphics. Bad maps. Boring.

        • i couldnt give two shits about the game, i’m more concerned that this guy posts practically anywhere rather than just fapping to fat guys like he usually does.

          and 90% of his posts are troll posts and the sad thing is…. he sucks at being a troll

          • I completely agree. He also picks the same games it seems. The Old Republic, Asian MMO’s, at least anything that is not American. So… racist much? Ah well, let the guy do whatever he wants. I mean, if that gets his penor hard before he starts fapping to those fat guys you mentioned, then let him (LOL!).


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