Riders of Icarus’ most recent update, “Rift of the Damned” has been delayed again. Originally postponed by a day from the 28th to today, the update has now been moved to October 5th. The delay was announced late last night on the Riders of Icarus blog.

According to the post, the team decided to delay the game in order to allow for further testing and ensure the content meets “quality thresholds”.

Now, players can look forward to the update — and some more really sweet mounts — in a week.

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  1. Those people have a lot of time to do this !!! why!? this isn’t a new game and they aren’t developing anything this is an old game that need translation thats all those nexon people are lazy as hell and corrupt they have to ban those hackers and boots but if they find those who hack are paying membership they ban the guy who call them to report that player so the game is p2h pay to hack!

    • I haven’t played nexons games as an average player to know stuff like that but if they really do act like that then wow all I gotta say is wow because they got some awesome games under their belt in my opinion and I wouldn’t be suprised if they acted like that. The idiot publishers always get the cool games 🙁

  2. At least they aren’t rushing it and making sure everything works. I’m all for them making sure everything works we don’t want rushed buggy updates otherwise players will be complaining and crying about it.


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