Riders Of Icarus Will Shut Down SEA Server With No Transfer Option As The MMORPG Turns 8 Next Month

Not exactly the type of announcement you want to make before your game's anniversary.

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Riders of Icarus P2E

You may read the headline and say to yourself, "Wait, Riders of Icarus is still open anywhere?" Yes, and you'd be forgiven for not knowing that as the MMORPG had a somewhat novel mount and companion taming system, but things took dark turns when the cash shop took over and when pay-to-earn (P2E) mechanics were added.

The team has posted a June update recap list that includes a number of announcements and events, some of which have already started. Most of the events are focused on spending money, though. Imagine that. There's a "Let it Bee" Lucky Box and Honeybee Outfit for sale, a relic appraisal event when upgrading things can't fail...if you're using elluns (cash shop currency), and a few new familiars, which can actually be found in game.

The biggest news, though, is the closing of the MMO's SEA server. This includes both the VFUN and Steam versions. The shutdown date is set for September 11th, with the cash shop closing on August 14th.

In an effort to get SEA players to stay in game, the NA and EU servers will have massive experience buffs placed on them starting June 26th. This is to help SEA players catch up quickly on the new servers before the SEA shutdown. Why would they need to "catch up?" That's because players won't be able to migrate or move their existing SEA server characters, not can they take cash shop currency on their profile with them. This is a total shutdown and deletion, according to the FAQ.

Not exactly the type of news you want to be announcing just a month before your MMO celebrates 8 years in July, but this is the world we live in.

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