RIFT Eternal Weapon Quest Nerfed -- In a "Good Way"

QuintLyn Bowers
By QuintLyn Bowers, News Editor Posted:

Trion has reworked RIFT's Eternal Weapon Upgrade path to make progression -- and tracking it -- easier. The changes seem simple enough. Effectively, the steps required to upgrade the weapon and the quest chain associated with it have been separated so that the quest chain focuses on quest activities alone.

Other activities such as closing rifts and running dungeons are now tracked only on the weapon, using a new Track Progress checkbox found in the Upgrade Item window.

There's more good news too... probably the best news, actually. The upgrade requirements for each step have been decreased significantly. This means that new players and those leveling alts will have a much easier time getting geared.

The new changes are on the PTS starting today, and are planned to roll out on Live shortly. Those interested in weighing in on the changes can find the official thread on the RIFT forums.

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