A little over two years after its launch, Trion Worlds’ Rift is officially going free-to-play today, June 12. Today marks the first date new players can log in and explore the world of Telara, without spending a dime, while previous subscribers have been eligible to return since last week.

There are no content or gameplay time restrictions, and players will also have access to content from the Rift expansion Storm Legion and advance all the way to level 60. Players can pay for a subscription to help them earn Loyalty points and receive discounts from the game’s cash shop and can also purchase REX, a kind of intermediate currency that can be used to buy from the cash shop or be sold for in-game currency.

The F2P transition is just part of Rift’s Update 2.3: Empyreal Assault, which adds a new zone, the Dendrome, a 10-player raid sliver, chronicles, dimensions, weapon transfiguration, faction swapping, strongholds, and cosmic rhinoceroses. Wait, did I just say “cosmic rhinoceroses”?

So what’s the down side? There’s always a down side to a F2P game, isn’t there? Well, for a lot of folks that’s the ability to purchase all but the highest level of gear from the cash shop. Trion spins it as being a good way for players to “catch up” without having to grind for in-game currency (though any other requirements, such as rank and level, still must be met). The more cynical types see it as a form of pay-to-win.

My take is that yes, there will be a few people who take this route, but it’s probably not something you’d want to do a ton of because of the high cost of buying full armor sets for multiple characters. I might see taking a bit of a half-and-half approach: grind out some of the gear, and when that gets too monotonous, buy the rest. And in the end, this will only allow you to be competitive, as opposed to uber; the absolute best gear still can’t be bought.

It’s an interesting way to go, and it’s bound to have its fans as well as its detractors, but at least Trion is being up front about it right from the start. That’s better, IMHO, than announcing one thing and reversing course six months later.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. Visually terrible looking game, gameplay-wise the same. The only good thing about it, is the class system, up to 36? diffrent possibilities.

    But it´s just slow paced, looks bad (very ugly textures 3x 1080p LCD) and overall none of the combo-class sets appealed to me, doesnt matter if you are a necromancer or a pyro, the animation, the combat won´t differ it´s the same thing.

    Have fun with this game, i definitely expected something else after all this “RiFT! is the King arguments”

  2. I’ve had a decent time so far. Still getting comfortable with the soul stuff for skills, haven’t really ventured off the path its suggesting lol.

  3. honteux avoir fait un abonement pour un jeu aussi laid des graphisme a la hauteur de meeting 2 lol et on est en 2013 jeux vraiment tres moche je deconseille

  4. i played both aion and rift that im still playing yes aion has more better gaphic but for me rift is more fun you can level without to mutch effort since you can do diferent things to gain experience and not only quest most of the things ae easy to finde like gear events and dungeons rifts and other things dont forget they are a company in a way or another they have to make money and i did saw the shop most of gear you can get doing the dungeons and they cost aloot if your stupid to buy them using money than your free to do them they are not beter than the gear i already have doing dungeons or the planar shops i think some have forgeoten what is a real P2W company do you know a certain perfect world yes there are always things in every game that goes in F2P that other will not like i think that thous says that rift is tottaly a crap are wrong for thous that dont know if they will like rift or not i would say to try it its a realy fun game offers aloot

    • dont listen the troll this game is very good for a f2p , the leveling is way less boring than wow .
      there a lot of people online ,it very easy to find people to close rift/do quest .

      now stop reading random post and just download the game it worth it, u can start playing in 5 min if you have a good connection… since trion is using same technologies than wow ( you can play while downloading and the initial dl is like 130 mb only.

      so what are you waiting for?

      • I’m not too sure how he’s wrong honestly. The game is pretty bad, and the fact that shows this the most, is it going Free to Play. You can’t deny the fact that every title that has been sub-based, and eventually went down the “Free to Play” road, has done so, mainly due to the lack of interest, new players, and current population remaining.

        Trion Worlds did not just one day discuss amongst themselves, “Hey you know what would be awesome? Free to Play”, “Yeah, You’re totally right!, Let’s do it!”, nope. It’s a simple strategic maneuver by companies to justify their game is dying, and hope to squeeze every last penny out of the remaining players possible.

        I myself have nothing against Rift, props to the what, 2 years they’ve stayed open? (Correct me if I’m wrong, probably am too.), but it was a plain and simple “Point and Click” title, that copied some traditional style idea’s from other games.

        I’m not going to lie, the game’s concept sounded great, and was pretty well thought out and done. But during Rift’s time period, the visuals, gameplay, etc, was all too generic down to the core.

        The only game I can praise, and believe is doing better off Free to Play, would be Aion. Loved that game, and proud of every penny I put into that game while I was on a Sub. Alas, every game must fall at one point in time.

        • Sounds like you haven’t played the game whatsoever and are entirely basing this off of the fact that it went F2P and its appearance in videos. Many companies decide to transition their titles to a F2P model, not because it was an utter failure as you imply, but because it would be a better business model for them. This isn’t exclusive to a few titles, as you notice, the majority of subscription-based games have gone F2P. This isn’t entirely because of quality, but also a shifting in the demand of its subscribers. Many people are growing out of the subscription based model, you would realize this if you read any of the articles written on here. Companies are realizing they can make more profit through micro-transactions than simply forcing people to pay to be able to access their title. I won’t comment on your admiration for Aion, because I never played the game, just as you shouldn’t comment on RIFT’s quality if you’ve never played the game.

          • So how about WoW? If micro-transactions are able to generate more profit, why wouldn’t World of Warcraft do the same? Simply put, they have a large enough following that the subsription IS the best way to generate money from a game with a large following. Not only that, but WoW has transactions like faction swap, race change, etc.

            I played Rift during it’s closed beta, then when it was released, but I was honestly sorely disappointed. (Same disappointment with Aion) I haven’t played the game in 2 years, so I can’t, and won’t comment on it’s gameplay at this point, but from my understanding of the game as it was, the guy is right about it being pretty generic. It’s just not my cup of tea, to put it simply.

            I came here to see if the game was worth a few kicks to re-download to kill a few hours over the next few weeks, but reading the comments has made me remember why I quit in the first place. Just putting my 2 cents in.

  5. Been playing for a few weeks now. Really like the game so far. You don’t have have to quest much to level only done a hand full of quest and almost 40 on my main. But not sure if I will stay waiting for FFXIV really.

  6. I wont play until the weekend. The patch in EU goes in effect at 10PM (2 more hours for me)…and that will crash and be blocked until midnight so F it. The weekend.


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