Yesterday morning RIFT Community Manager Zyra posted a short letter from the team on the forums intended to address questions put forth by players. The answers seem to have only left them with more questions… and a hell of a lot of frustration.

As was pointed out by MMOBomber Mike (not Magicman Mike), who sent us the tip on this piece, there’s reason for the poor reception due to poor new content pacing and a feeling of the game almost being in a limbo/maintenance mode unofficially.

While many players in the comments may have not gone that far, it appears the general feeling is the same. Comments point to specific plains listed in the letter, such as the daily calendar revamp and refinement of the planar system, as things that were supposed to happen a while back and that are at this point too little, too late.

Interestingly, the letter discusses some recent hires — Community Management and Product Managers. That said, it seems expansions are now a thing of the past — and players won’t really be getting anything new until some of the old business is off the table.

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  1. Sad thing is, it was one of the best MMOs in the market back in the days. Yesterday I tried to install it and asked on the global chat if the game still is a grind hell hole/pay for armor and weapons and I got trucidated by the chat. They seemed pretty upset by my words, like they were in denial or something.


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