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Between May 18 and June 15, RIFT players have the opportunity to snap up Silver Tier Loyalty. Trion's not going to make it easy, though. In fact, there's only four available, and you're gonna have to do a bit of work if you even want a chance.

See, there are some items scattered across Old Mathosia that DeadSimon needs for a puzzle project. These "Confounding Contraptions", as they are called number 110 and are tiny. They're also currently hidden with an invisibility spell so no one can try to find them early and they can't be targeted. So, basically, you're going to have to look really really hard to find them.

The first person to find all these items will be one of the four lucky souls to get a Silver Tier. The other three Tiers will be given out to players drawn at random from the list of those who complete the event during the set timeframe.

Prime players will be able to participate in the event as well. However, since Silver Tier Loyalty can't be given out on prime, the first three to finish -- as well as three players chosen randomly from those who complete the event in general -- will be gifted Demonette Wings far head of their general release (both mount and wardrobe versions).

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