Trion Worlds in unleashing another new mount on Rift players, and I have to say that this one actually looks pretty awesome, in my opinion. The Arclight Rider is the Planar Research Institutes take on the classic “hog” mount and needs a few brave players to help test out the final models.

To get this mount, as with most other mounts released in Rift lately, you’ll have two options. The first will likely be a pretty big hit to your wallet and even then you may not get it and the second option will hit up your time something fierce.

Let’s go with the second option first. The week long Arclight Ascendancy event takes players to Moonshade Highlands and tasks players with farming up parts for these mounts. Any currency you already have from previous mount events does not apply here, just as it didn’t for any other event. Each mount event has a specific currency.

The first option mentioned above is, of course, through the purchase of Arclight Rider Troves. These are cash shop random lockboxes that may or may not contain the mount you’re after. You could just walk away with lots of blue gear for characters you may never roll.

Check out the full reveal here.

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