It’s time for another “Ask Riot” where the League of Legends team selects a few player questions and then crafts a blog post around them. This week, they answer three questions covering shop items, how they decided on creating human skins for non-human champions, and what their plans are for more in-game canon LGBT+ representation.

For those wondering about in-game shop items, they are on the way. The dev team has plans to introduce a new Legendary tank item with binding, similar to Knight’s Vow except it will be enemy-targeted. They’re also reworking Sanguine Blade to make it more appealing to AD champions focused on laning. There’s also an enchanter support Legendary item in the works.

As for the skins, the question inquired specifically about Xerath’s new human skin, but just really wanted to know the decision process behind making a human skin for a non-human character. The general gist is that it allows them to “deliver on a totally new fantasy”. From there, the answer delves into the difficulty of actually creating these skins, like ensuring that they’ll work with the existing character rig and animations. So, obviously, this won’t be done for every non-human champion.

Finally, lots of players want to know about canon LGBT+ couples in the game. We’re sure you’ve seen the content being promoted for Diana and Leona, which isn’t actually in-game lore, but some side narrative content. The basic gist is that players might see clues in dialog that indicates some characters are/were/could be couples. Some might just be LGBT and single and some won’t be addressed at all in the game proper, but instead in other mediums. So, it’s a “maybe”?

Those interested can read the full post on the League of Legends site.

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