Long time players of Riot Games’ IPs may be familiar with the HackerOne initiative, in which Riot has been offering players cash rewards for identifying security issues over the last six years. Over that time, they’ve doled out nearly $2 million to bug hunters and now they are extending the program to include the anti-cheat software that launched alongside Valorant and has created so much controversy among players.

Known as “Vanguard,” this particular bit of software has drawn ire from players for making use of a kernal driver that kicks in when the PC the software is installed on boots up. As part of their effort to assure players the software is — in fact — safe, Riot has decided to include Vanguard in the Bug Bounty program. They’ve even gone so far as to offer special bounties that can reward bug hunters with up to $100,000. Keep in mind, however, that the amount of the reward is determined by the quality of the report in question. The minimum amount rewarded for reports that provide useful information is $250. So, maybe don’t get your hopes up on that big number, there.

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  1. I uninstalled League as soon as I learned about this effective backdoor that Riot decided was a good idea. Lemme just save them the money; it’s the whole thing. Nothing about it is remotely safe, and won’t be. In a just world something like this wouldn’t exist.


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