Apparently, Riot’s got ideas for more games set in the League of Legends universe than just Legends of Runeterra. The company has launched a new publishing arm, Riot Forge, that will “bring awesome new League of Legends games to players by partnering with experienced and talented developers from around the world.”

Headed by Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street, Riot Forge is described as a “publishing label within Riot Games” that will work with developers to “enable them to find their own voice within the League of Legends universe.” There are no solid details regarding exactly what’s being worked on or who’s working on it, or even what platforms — PC, console, or mobile — they’ll launch on. Riot describes its developer partners as “truly fantastic and super talented” and you can subscribe to a newsletter via the Riot Forge website to get updates as they’re announced.

So, what kind of League of Legends-based games would you like to see? With all the lore Riot has been working on through the years, you would think that a first- or third-person RPG is at least one possibility. Given League’s control scheme, an ARPG would also seem to be a good fit. Or maybe it’s time for Riot to jump on the bandwagon and create some kind of battle royale? (No, it probably isn’t.) What other possibilities do you have in mind?



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