Tarzaned, the No. 1 player on North America’s Challenger ladder won’t be able to participate in the League of Legends Scouting Grounds event due to failure to pass a player behavior check. This check — which is similar to what Challenger and LCS players need to pass in order to qualify for an event — reviews potential participants’ in-game behavior, checks to see if they’ve violated the TOS and looks at acquired bans or suspensions.

Tarzaned did meet the other requirements to participate in the event — which include:

  • You must respond to the survey when it’s sent out in October.
  • You must be 16 years of age by the start of the Challenger Series 2017 spring split.
  • You’re very interested in playing LoL professionally.
  • You have not played in more than 2 professional LoL matches in any league.
  • You cannot be under contract by any professional team including Challenger teams at the time invites go out.
  • You’re a North American resident as determined by the Interregional Movement Policy.
  • You can pass a player behavior check, similar to what Challenger and LCS players must pass. This check includes a review of in-game behavior, Terms of Service violations, and looks at previous bans or suspensions.

Those other qualifications aside, he failed the behavior check due to being consistently toxic both in the game and on social media. While it’s too bad an obviously excellent player can’t participate, maybe this will encourage him to alter his behavior and join in on the event next time.

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    • So true dude. I wouldn’t wanna scout a guy who acts toxic in my game or acts like an asshole on social media. He’s representing your game you want to try to find good competitive players who are not toxic. I doubt if it’s possible nowadays but these strict guidelines to get into the tournaments are needed I’m sure alot of people would agree on that.

  1. Meh. Competitive gaming is pretty much deviod of any and all intelligence to begin with. All legit human tactics such as “pissing off a enemy” just get you banned, are patched out, or are nerfed in the game. While monkey like “hand eye” is glorified. I don’t understand why anyone would even watch such mindless trash. But I guess some people watch other monkey like people play with their balls all the time anyway.

    • If your in a huge tournament or representing a team or company or being sponsored by somebody I would assume you would not be toxic much since you wouldn’t wanna lose your spot. But I’m glad that he that lost his place in this tournament because nobody needs toxic people during the tournaments because it has bad sportsmenships if they lose and if they win they will gloat about it and make the losers feel bad.

  2. LOL that will teach him that he should be nicer on social media and ingame. And it might be a lesson for other gamers who know him or see articles reguarding this issue it might teach them not to be a idiot to other players ingame or act like a dumbass on social media.

  3. Heh.
    That’ll teach the s@cker some manners alright, and set a good example to the other c0cky apes as a bonus.
    GJ Riot, you just gained some respect points in my book.


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