Riot Games is really getting back at everyone who mocked them for only having one game despite having “Games” in the company title. First came Legends of Runeterra and then Valorant, and now Riot is going physical, with the League of Legends-themed Tellstone: King’s Gambit.

Described as an “unforgettable game of bluffing, strategy, and recollection” where “you’ll need to focus on playing the player, not the game,” Tellstone appears to be akin to a memory-based game, but with some twists thrown in to keep things entertaining. Suitable for two to four players, it’s got minimal components — just a series of disks — and play time, 10-20 minutes, and probably fits into that old chestnut of being “easy to learn but hard to master.”

There isn’t much more information on the game’s official website, but at least the trailer is cute and offers some intriguing ideas as to how the game might play. Apparently, distracting your opponent is a valid strategy — or maybe just annoying them (“name the wrong stones as they’re thinking”) will work. Hey, I can be annoying, so I should be great at this game!


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