Actor Robert McNeill is set to return to the role of Tom Paris (from Star Trek: Voyager) and provide his voice for the character when he makes his introduction in Star Trek Online Season 10, releasing on April 21st. Season 10 starts to bring the long coming Iconian conflict to its conclusion. If you missed it, check out our interview with Lead Designer Al Rivera for more information about the Iconians.

In addition to the new Star Trek lore available in Season 10, Star Trek Online will also receive additional in-game updates including a re-vamp of sector space that allows players to navigate the Alpha, Beta and Delta Quadrants uninhibited. Players will also be able to participate in additional queues and develop their pilot specialization further as it moves from a secondary to primary specialization.

What’s Tom Paris been up to lately? Check out the official news post to find out how this risk taking character fits into the Iconian storyline.



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