Roblox Launches On PS4 And PS5 Today With Crossplay Enabled

The massively popular game platform and creation system is about to get even more users.

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Roblox has no limits.

The creative game platform and creation system makes its long-awaited debut on PlayStation today, offering both PS4 and PS5 owners the chance to immerse themselves in its expansive virtual world.

While Roblox was primarily developed for the PS4, it will be compatible with the PS5 and allow all PlayStation players to join those already playing on PC, Xbox, Android, and iOS.

If you aren’t familiar with what exactly Roblox is, it’s a versatile sandbox game that offers an expansive array of game modes, character customization, and the construction of unique creations. There’s a major emphasis on user-generated content, enabling players to not only partake in games but also craft their game modes, worlds, and experiences for others to explore and enjoy. Players can even earn revenue from their creations by participating in the Roblox Corporation's revenue-sharing program through in-game shops.

Alongside this release will also be an upgraded version of the game for Xbox, featuring a new look, access to the latest features, improved content recommendations, and an improved user experience. Roblox has been around since 2006 on PC, iOS since 2012, Android since 2014, and Xbox since 2015.

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