Robocraft 2 Dev Roadmap Features Modular Tank Tracks And Battle Mode Improvements

What's in store for the vehicle-based online PvP destruction game?

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Robocraft 2 Weapon System

Check out Robocraft 2’s latest roadmap.

In the next major update, players can anticipate the addition of Modular Tank Tracks, Undo functionality in Build Mode for material and color painting, and enhancements to Battle Mode — including Friends & Parties, reworked Reassembly Gameplay, and a new map with upgraded graphics and Capture Points.

The creative game's development team over at Freejam says they are actively working on AI bots to improve queue times and introduce new game modes, along with a Progression Tech Tree for unlocking new parts. Future content and features in the pipeline include a bouncing Grenade launcher, Wings, Anti-air weapons, various pilot weapons obtained via pickups, a Pilot Boost Glider, Remote Camera Block, Mech Legs, Rotors, and cosmetic features like Sprays, Decals, and Holo-emotes.

Build Mode is set to undergo significant improvements too, such as a rework of wiring and tweakable stats UX, separate "heat maps" for Structural Integrity and Aerodynamics, CoM indicators, and controller support.

In Battle Mode, health bars and damage numbers will be introduced for improved feedback, along with an end battle scores screen, text chat, minimap, ping communication, player MMR, ranked mode, and voice chat. Main Menus will see detailed GFX options, achievements, and Robocraft MMR, while overall polish includes improvements to the Main Menu UI, pilot character gameplay, and client CPU optimization.

Robocraft 2 Roadmap December 2023

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