Warframe Unleashes Operation: Gargoyle's Cry On December 18th

Collect Cursed Murmur Energy and power up your Vigile Jahu Gargoyle.

Troy Blackburn
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Warframe Operation Gargoyle's Cry 2023

During Operation: Garogoyle's Cry in Warframe, you'll be venturing into the Effervo Mission on Deimos to collect Cursed Murmur Energy from each of the Fragmented Trio. Each of the Trio drops a different Curse, and you can collect these to feed them to your Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in your dojo. Once you've collected all three Curses you'll be able to purchase the new Signa from your Gargoyle.

Operation: Gargoyle's cry will end in Warframe on January 15th, but as long as you have all three curses you can purchase the Signa through February 15th.

Each successful foray against the Trio will also grant you Grotesque Splinters which you can trade with the Gargoyle in your Dojo for other rewards. New rewards include the Fibonacci Sigil, Fibonacci Sketch Glyph, Tagfer Sigil, Tagfer Sketch Glyph, Gargoyle's Cry Emblem, a new color pallet, and the Krios Signa. There will also be plenty of returning cosmetic rewards for you to choose from.

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