The indie robot-building and fighting game RoboCraft has officially released the League of Mechs update. The update, which comes with an updated game launcher, brings a variety of new features — including mech legs for those who want that real mech-fighter feel. Also added are leagues which will allow you to show off your robot building and battling skills.

As with any update, this one also features some improvements and bux fixes. In general, these are your standard quality of life changes, including modifications to the chat interface.

The full list of additions and changes can be found on the RoboCraft site.

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  1. MoB on November 26, 2015

    The decesion to have only deathmatch battles before robo is 30 mil+ ruined the strategical part of the game. Now you can no longer use plasma bombers like you used to. They have become near obsolete. Deathmatch means no strategy just go in kill as many before you are killed.

    • MoB on November 26, 2015

      Also they ruined the techtree by the level up thing. This has to be fixed fast.

  2. NopnopanNOP on October 25, 2015

    Until they are able to balance this game correctly I don’t think I will bother any more. They keep changing just the stats of the guns when what is required is a complete over haul on how the weapons work instead of just changing what damage it does.

    Also they should limit weapons to each build since at any moment only six guns are usable why not limit it to only just 6 allowed on any build instead this will kill all gun beds for good and add some more skill based game play..

    6 limited smg
    6 limited plasma
    railcannons need to be reset back and limited to only being able to use 3 per build.

    The idea of how to balance the game is not limited only to just changing the stats of the guns but to change the core of how we use them instead.

    • tribal44 on October 29, 2015

      Yea, but they have made a choice ,
      The choice was :
      1) Make a great tactical game or
      2) make millions by targeting youths.

      Like almost every game, At the start the average age of players is around 20+ , and within two years the average age of players is 13.

      Same goes for skills of players, with time more and more casual gamers come….average player skill/knowledge fall quickly

      Once devs start dumbing down their own game,to accelerate this (natural) process it’s over , i mean …what a serious player can expect from robocraft now?

      Even as a FPS/Moba platform, it is bad.
      construction is very limited, fighting mechanics are poors, physics are so-so…. they made a choice.

  3. Jäeger on October 24, 2015

    Cool, mechs.

    Does it matter? Nope. Because the game will be the same as before. People will still build boxes and a million cannons and nothing will change.

    • TreadHead on October 24, 2015


      It’s so common there is a name for it.

      • Jäeger on October 24, 2015

        I’ve also got a feeling those Mechs will cost a fortune and a half.

  4. Apoth on October 24, 2015

    This game was freakin GREAT when it first came out… but update after update they just kept screwing it up more and more and more and ignoring the playerbase and trying to capitalize on their rush of popularity.

    The last straw for me was when they added those boss battles that you had to wait 2 weeks+ to play ONE SINGLE GAME of. It was so frustrating that it made me quit altogether.

    Shame really.

  5. -GG-TheSecondJoker on October 24, 2015

    They messed up with their latest updates. These level-unlock thing ruined the whole tech tree/shop system. I mean I lost about 30 items and got around 15 which I never wanted. I don’t want nothing new.. I just want the old system back. It was way better IMO.

  6. phanda on October 23, 2015

    Hate comments incoming