Rise of Dragonian Era (RODE), an upcoming free to play MMORPG from Mgame USA, will host its second and final closed beta test February 11 and 12 from 8am to 8pm PST. This weekend, gamers can cast themselves into the new fantasy world of Piral, pledge allegiance to their dragon lord, and take part in the war against the forces of chaos! In conjunction with this closed beta test, Mgame USA will award up to $2000 in cash to four lucky players; while additional prizes include video cards from EVGA, surround sound headsets from Logitech, and in-game currency. You can sign up right now at http://www.rodeonline.com/.

RODE plants players in the magnificent but chaotic world of Piral. With two nations to choose from as well as a number of races, classes, and specializations, players will enjoy exploring vast lands and dungeons on their adventure while defeating enemies and overcoming obstacles that stand in their way. Featuring engaging story quests, a pet system centered on hatching your own dragon, extensive crafting and upgrading systems, a premium item store, auction houses, guild system, ground and aerial mounted combat systems, and a forthcoming castle siege mode. In RODE, fans will find a new and immersive fantasy world of dragons, conflict, and adventure.

Participants in this weekend’s closed beta test will be automatically eligible for the chance to win a number of prizes from Mgame USA. Four lucky players will each receive $500 in cash, while many others will pad their digital wallets with free in-game currency. Four lucky gamers will win a new, state of the art video card from EVGA (a $200 value), while eight fortuitous adventurers will walk away with new Logitech G35 surround sound headsets (valued at $130 each).

To sign up for RODE’s final Beta visit http://www.rodeonline.com/. Sign-up is easy, free, and you can win some cool prizes. There is no limit on players so you will certainly get in.


  1. To bad it is only a pvp for the weekend , logged in, Made my char, Got 1 hit, Asked if it was just a pvp test , and was awnsered with a Yes!
    pvp is not for me in item mall games. Majority are pay to win!

    Good Luck to any of you going for the cash prizes !

  2. But on another note, i just wanted to say: YAY!

    Because that’s exactly what the world needs right now, another anime fantasy game.

    Asia has so much freaking potential and resources and man power and imagination, if only it gave up this freaking quantity over quality bullsh….

    Speaking from the hart: Fu… you RODES. And fuc.. all the other million games like you.


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