Rogue City Of Heroes Server Might Have NCSoft’s Blessing, But There’s A Catch


It might not be too long before you get a chance to cruise around Paragon City foiling the nefarious plots of supervillains, though not quite everything will be as it once was. Plans to create am independent server for City of Heroes are well underway, though they might end up lacking one of the most contentious, and hotly desired, features of the old game: your characters.

MassivelyOP is reporting that a test server was erected over the weekend and instantly jam-packed full of eager players. The big revelation is that NCSoft might be more tolerant of the enterprise than initially suspected. According to a user on the City of Heroes discord with knowledge of the ongoing negotiations with NCSoft:

“After coming to consultation and deliberation, we have come up with a solution that will allow us to proceed with continuing on our path to restoring the community. However, in doing so, we will have to sacrifice the heroes and villains of old in order to make sure we are intangible for the future. … Translation: We will not be able to restore your old characters.”

It seems like a small price to pay to avoid legal entanglements, and a welcome surprise to anxious fans everywhere. A server “launch” is planned for April 27.


  1. Yeah I’d like to hear from NCSoft or who ever is applying legal pressure, which resulted in the server closing after this article’s subject matter, before I trust the community that kept it hidden.

    • They didn’t… The person who was hosting the servers feared for their well being, the people who was helping and her family. She backed off. Nothing to do with NcSoft.


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