Rogue Company is now available on the Xbox Series X and S. Hi-Rez Studios’ and First Watch Games’ free-to-play tactical shooter operates at 4k@120 fps on the Series X and 1440@120 fps on the Series S, while offering full cross-play and cross-save with with its Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions.

In other news, Executive Producer Chris Larson wrote earlier this month about the game’s major tech upgrades with its latest patch, titled All the Fixins. It uses Version 4.25 of Unreal Engine 4, designed specifically to run on next-gen consoles, like the aforementioned new Xboxes. Hi-Rez is also in the early stages of rolling out new audio technology that will give the game “very robust audio directional gameplay and immersive audio.”

To follow up on that letter, Lead Game Designer Scott “Gandhi” Lussier put out a video yesterday to talk about the “technical issues, as well as gameplay bugs” with All the Fixins. As a result, the next release will be delayed until it meets the necessary quality standards. That update will contain all sorts of new content and quality-of-life improvements recommended by players, as well as a “holiday surprise.”


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