About a week ago, when First Watch Games dropped the Mack update for Rogue Company, they not only introduced the update’s titular Rogue, but also several balance changes that affected the game’s average time-to-kill. These changes consisted of increases to the amount of body damage various weapons in the game can deal out and were intended to decrease the amount of ammo used to down an enemy by one.

As it turns out, the changes weren’t all that popular, as sometimes happens with these things, and just a day after they were made the Rogue Company team had announced they would be gathering data on the changes to make proper adjustments. The post stated they’d be spending the “next few weeks” going over this data, but it appears they didn’t need quite that long.

Today, First Watch Games announced they’d be releasing a hotfix across all platforms that would roll back the body shot changes in order to address the negative impact they’d had on gameplay. The hotfix should also take care of some bugs that came along with the Mack update as well.

For the most part, the players seem fairly pleased with the outcome, even thanking the dev team for listening to them. And, it seems that the dev team is hoping to communicate with the players even more frequently — mostly via the game’s Discord channel with AMAs and weighted feedback channels.

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