Hey you! Nondescript recruit #42. Are you ready to answer the Soldier Front 2 Open Beta call? Because it’s here and Aeria Games is calling for you to answer. Don’t you dare think about going AWOL soldier!

The Open Beta for Soldier Front 2 has added several new content additions since we last saw it -briefly- in closed beta. Most notably the new Escape mode, which has one team fighting their way towards an extraction point while the other team attempts to delay them as long as possible by either killing all of them or running the timer out. As if the timed pressure of impending death wasn’t enough, on the way the escapees must also reach and activate a beacon which will call in their rescue helicopter.

Four new maps have also been added, along with additional weaponry such as the Aug A3 and the RPK 74 for players to take into battle. Aeria Games is running multiple Open Beta events for Soldier Front 2 currently, both in-game and on the forums.

If you’re interested in learning more about the events or trying out the Soldier Front 2 Open Beta you can visit the official site here.

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  1. I personally like it I get little to no lag what-so-ever the gameplay is solid and it has some pretty great modes I enjoy it others may not

  2. The same hacks have already been applied… The same ones that have been working for all the other F2P’s has already found a home in this one too.. I want to feel bad for those people who got suckered into buying “founders” packages when the hackers will not be kept in check meaning they will never play a fair match and will not be able to enjoy the game at all.. But I feel they should have known better..

    Besides the normal problems, it is really not a bad game.. Great quality F2P..

    • Hahaha oh shit..they’ve got it hacked already? This is why I stopped playing F2P shooters..it never ends, that shit.

    • Nondescript recruit #42. I’d say is a jab 😉

      I’m not going to write solely about my feelings towards the game. That is reserved for First Looks. This is just news about the open beta.

  3. This game is really bad in my opinion.
    Even though I played it during the closed beta, the lag was awful, and so were the modes.
    The maps were AWFUL.

    Only mode/map I enjoyed was the one were you can destroy the floors and begin only with a pistol.
    Even then, it got boring fast.

    Customization is lacking, and IIRC you can already buy a female character with real money, that gives you extra exp/money.

    No free female characters

    From what I noticed, the most popular map was the worst one of all.
    Just one ‘lane’, and basically, the one who spams the most will win the match.
    First game I played was on that map and all I did was throw grenades and shoot randomly and I had over 40 kills.

    I’ll give it another try in the open beta but so far I’m really not impressed by this game. I really don’t think anyone is missing out on it if you can’t play it.

    • In my opinion, the thing is there’s just too many soldier-themed fps games. If i wanted to play a free one, I would play AVA. If I had the money and wanted a great team/co-op, I’d play Battlefield. If I wanted a simple, fast rifle-spam and quickscope one, I’d play COD.

      There’s just no reason too look any further…

      • Let me tell something. I’m from the middle east and even I can’t play SF2 on aeria games.
        Look what happened to tactical intervention, it was limited to NA, and it survived only 1 month. I won’t be surprised the same would happen here.
        It might be a good game but limitting the player-base won’t make it an popular.

        • Its ok man. Aeria`s SF2 will die very soon. And GameForge bought the rights of publishing for EU SF2, Lets just wait a bit more and u will see CBT SF2 here =)

          • then I won’t be surprised if it happened. I just hope, as a non-european, gameforge won’t limit it to just european players.

      • Oh my god we can’t play Soldiers Front 2 in EU what, am I going to do? It’s not like there are other, much better choices in FPS gaming.

        • You guys are upset over aeria not letting you play? Be glad! Seriously. Anything hosted by aeria is garbage and that goes for nexon too. Money-grubbing, laggy, often hack-infested (just as soldier front was) and generally low quality games. Give it a year or two and it’ll be on its last legs. It’s just not worth it.

          • Lol, I was being sarcastic. You think I would play this piece of shit even if it was available in EU? No thank you Aeria.


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