Rumor Has It Fntastic’s Former CEOs Are Already Working On Another Game As The Day Before Was Shut Down

Reports claim the developer is working a new mobile game.

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The Day Before Founders New Game

Well, if true, it didn’t take long, but it probably shouldn’t be shocking that as they shut down The Day Before and Fntastic, the former founders are moving on to something else. According to a report from the site CD-Action (translated by GamesRadar), the founders, Eduard and Aisen Gotovtsev, are looking for “veterans” to work on a new mobile game.

The outlet states that they’ve spoken to a former employee who made this claim. The same person also claims that they don’t know exactly what kind of game this is, other than mobile – a result of how things went with The Day Before.

The interesting thing is that according to the source, while Fntastic's founders may be keeping the project itself on the down low, they’ve made offers to all former employees. This includes anyone who was fired. According to a video on the iXBT games YouTube channel, this is not only true, but some developers have already signed on. The video also details all of The Day Before drama for those who may be less aware.

With the way layoffs are rolling out throughout the gaming industry lately, it’s not surprising that developers would take a job where they can. That said, knowing what we know of The Day Before, it’s worth noting that would-be players should probably watch this game with more caution. (Although, a mobile game may not exactly pull the same audience.)

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justsomeguy 4 weeks ago
After looking at a Google Translate translation of the original story, it talked of how months before the launch of The Day Before, they started looking into making the new game being discussed here, not that they're looking to make it now. That means reasonably speaking, those plans likely died with the company.

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