The free to play fantasy MMORPG Runes of Magic can now be played in a browser. Players can choose between the normal client version and the browser version thanks to the implementation of Kalydo streaming technology by Dutch gaming specialist, Eximion. Game quality is not compromised in the new version, and Runes of Magic can now be played on any PC that meets the technical requirements without having to download the full client. For now the browser version will be offered in Europe only.

Downloading the browser version is fast and only requires the transmission of a small data package before players can get stuck in. It generally takes around 30 seconds before they reach the main menu and can move onto character creation.

The browser version runs on the same servers as the client version, so players can still get together in familiar surroundings. The platforms currently supported include Windows 7, Vista and XP with Service Pack 2 installed. Supported browsers include the most up-to-date versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome.

More information as well as how to get started in the game can be found at:


  1. It seems that a few of you are getting slightly off topic. As for Runes of Magic going browser based, i think that if a game with the quality of ROM has the ability to turn browser based then many other high quality free to play mmo’s could also become browser based in the near future. Imagine the impact that it would have on the mmo community if games like WOW or Forsaken World became browser based. I feel that this is just the beginning of a very big change in online gaming.

  2. FORSAKEN WORLD OR GTFO. GW2 is for fail mmorpgers. it is just classless fagfest of shutting eachothers skills down. woooowww so lame. The entire franchise was an alternative for failure mmorpgers. And now the mmo version is the same.

    • ??”And now the mmo version is the same?????Are you reatard?ALL Guild Wars games are MMO’s,even i know that, and i never played GW

  3. STOP TALKING ABOUT GUILD WARS 2, its not free to play, this is a free to play page, yeah f2p games may be crap, but its free, not all the persons in the world have the money to aford wow or guild wars, so, little kids, stop yelling to people to buy guild wars 2 and go play yours games with your mum money

  4. THATS BADASS !!! but RoM isn’t ….. AION will be the No1 Client based and Runescape will always be the No1 Browser Based game..still good news though

  5. this is not browserbased…much. you have to download like 100mb at first, then the rest of the game downloads while u play the game.

  6. this is awesome! can play this while waiting for the guild wars 2 beta weekend this weekend 😀 with out that ig download size lmao i hope more f2p start giving you this option, will dramatically increase population i believe!

    • First things first, guild wars is out, I think you meant GW2(newb mistake), secondly people play this because they want to play a f2p game that doesnt shut you out if you forget to pay, or dont pay your monthly fee. So you telling people to play a crap game like World of Warcraft, thats actually really funny(4 year WoW player with lvl 75 paladin dwarf, and several mules).

      Anyways like my mother always used to tell us, oh wait no she wouldnt, but still rule…if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all…BAZINGA!

      • If you cant connect dots guild wars that i meant second one thats your problem! You are gonna spend so much more money on rom than on gw that its just not worth it.and yeah,runes of magic is still CRAP!

    • I don´t like this game but WoW sucks and sux there are many game more pretty than wow, no wait all games including this are better because Wow it´s only for kids. 😀

      • Its a B2P game, you buy the game itself, like any standard console game, then its free for life. There is a cash shop, but only for vanity items (fashion stuff). So yeah, its free to win.

  7. WOW! This is awesome! You can play the game in the browser. Just tested it and its the same like downloaded game! I just tested it and everything is the same. Who dont want to download i recommend this! 🙂


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