Time’s running out for the hundreds of players fighting it out on the closed beta servers of Runes of Magic: Chapter IV – Lands of Despair.  With only two days left before the servers are taken offline, players have scarce time to explore the diverse range of new content and take down Annelia the Puppet Master and her father, Lord Grafu, the final two bosses of the instance.

That’s not to say the raft of new content stops there.  In the coming chapter update, new battlefields for players to explore will be revealed, as well as two previously unknown races with a fierce and ancient rivalry: the Dwarves and a merciless tribe of Rhinos.  As the chapter unfolds, heroes will find themselves entangled in a story that explores the origins of this bitter rivalry and while the new images released today will give players a sneak peak at what’s to come, they also raise several key questions.

Why are the two races engaged in such a bitter struggle?  How will players be able to influence the outcome?

While each race’s disdain for the other is plain for all to see, there is more to this clash than initially meets the eye, for a dark power lies in the shadows pulling the strings of war for their own personal gain. Who, or what, is this power?  As of now, it remains a mystery.  Stay tuned as more will be revealed soon…


  1. Well original and nice the new race xD but a new class would be nice to, not sure if there will be xD well nice expension 🙂

  2. In games its fairly original i think , the rhinos that is, but if you watch Doctor Who like i do you probably wont be too shocked to see humanoid rhinos. Or for that matter anyone remember BeBop and Rocksteady from TMNT? 🙂

  3. well as far as i hav seen Rhinos is really original, and u hav to give them credit for that
    just like in perfect world u can be a panda or shit 😛
    personally i think its awesome that they made new races ^_^

  4. I was so excited when I saw “two new races,’ but it sounds like they won’t be playable. =/ And I agree that Rhinos are a bit strange. XD

    “Stay tuned for more info on our new sea lion class!”

  5. This article went from “cool” to “Wut.” the moment I read “Rhinos”…
    Seriously, we’ve got humans, elves, now dwarves, I’m expecting orcs or maybe some kind of dragon-kin as the fourth playable race. Then suddenly: Rhinos!

    … Reminds me of Day9’s video about trumpets… I’m too lazy to link it for y’all currently though. Go look it up on YouTube if you care.


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