You know a press release is going to be good with it starts with “Penguin Surveillance Increased.” That’s the lead for today’s RuneScape update, which celebrates the 12th anniversary of the Distractions and Diversions suite of over 30 mini-games and, seriously, read this description:

Building on the popular Penguin quest line, Penguin Hide and Seek challenges players to seek out and find members of the KGP (Killer Gentoo Penguins) who have infiltrated Gielinor. The PBJ (Polar Bears for Justice) has noticed an increase in KGP activity thanks to an influx of new Secret Agent penguins. Players who participate in this improved Distraction and Diversion will be able to gain new rewards including the Sheldon the Baby Penguin pet, new titles, and a penguin tracking device.

I can’t add anything to that, so I’ll just let it stand on its own.

There’s also a brand-new D&D in this update, The Effigy Incubator, which you can enjoy if you’ve played the Desperate Measures quest. This one lets you create an effigy, fill it with stuff, and then crack it open for XP and urns that aid in skilling. You can also discover Kerapac’s secret lab and create your own urns while discovering new dragonkin lore.

Learn more about today’s update, and all its penguin-related glory, on the RuneScape site.

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