Very bizarre news dropped on the forums less than 24 hours ago. Runescape players already know that the development team at Jagex uses a “Community Polling” system to gather feedback for potential changes. It seems this system will be used to decide if a new feature will be added. After forum discussions about the game’s state post Combat Evolved patch, Jagex gathered feedback pointing towards a massive audience wishing Runescape went back in time a few years. The Jagex team managed to locate a full game back up from 2007 that WOULD be able to be restored and added as a playable option for those that wish to play by “Old School” rules.

Make no mistake, the current version of the game is not going anywhere. The Combat Evolved patch isn’t leaving the current game. Instead, this older version of Runescape would be added on as a separate service that may or may not require a fee based on the poll results. Details on the levels of votes needed to achieve certain milestones can be found here.

Seems like Jagex is finally hearing the cries we hear on forums all the time from long time Runescape players and maybe acting on that feedback finally! To vote in this poll and show your support (if you don’t support it then just don’t vote) you need to be registered, so get on over to the hyperlink I just gave you above and get ready to cast your vote!

The polls open on February 15th and will be open for two weeks.


  1. I just could not go away your site before suggesting that I really loved the usual info a person supply on your guests? Is going to be back continuously to check out new posts

  2. I’ve been playing rs for years it used to be good but now they’re trying to change it up to be more like wow which is retarded, I love old school

  3. Players who are suffused with nostalgia can be excused given the recent overhaul of Runescape’s mechanics and technicalities, but simply reverting Runescape back to the 2007 old graphics may not actually remedy the public outcry. It could instead aggravate the situation, leading to collateral protests regarding the fickle nature of Runescape and the loss of unity and universality.

  4. heh maybe ill just come back cuz i miss it.. im sure my cousin will too.. but f*** after all this and they want us to come back? kick my ass jagex.. just f** you..

  5. The old runescape would be its own entity, and have its own servers and the main game would still be their. The idea is to vote so those who may have been curious or wish to see what it was like back then to give them a chance to play it. This might sound crazy but the votes have already hit 53k. so far and is still growing in support. Yes I know that means I will have to pay 15 bucks a month for it but still its worth it. The new runescape is nice don’t get me wrong. But the new runescape is also so child oriented that its not even funny. I like the old runescape because it was meant for those who actually were mature enough to understand how the game worked. Plus I believe that people have the right to experience something like this. So think about this if say hit 750k. votes, it gets its own website, will be completly separate from the main game, and no membership hike, so your choice, membership hike or just hit 750k. votes making it, it’s own thing with its own dev team, yes that means you will be helping people get jobs who probably need them bad. So really you doing more than just the gaming community a favor your doing those who are looking for a job favor as well. So please reconsider.

  6. Liked old runscape better i.dont rilly want explain all the resons why so ill say this reson most like old.runscape was it had no safty net for little kids the new one has alot of safty nets to the point that it feels crushing i see why people want a safty net i dont need or want it

  7. I don’t think that Jagex finally “acknowledges” the cries of the community. They are losing a lot of money which is why they made community polling to make a last effort to regain the members’ trust.If they have heed the players, they wouldn’t have made EoC. It is all because of mishandling the franchise through out the years and money-making mentality which let the game down.

    And about the may or may not be a fee for old servers. There would definitely be a fee for old-school runescape but just priced lesser than EoC. EoC would eventually be shut down but the company will strive because of the 2007 servers.

  8. I remember when I first played Runescape, it was never able to hold my attention for more than 10 minutes so I left and went to play a real game.

    Anyways I can sort of understand why the veteran players wouldn’t want the game to change, it’s about comfort zones, the game had been pretty much the same (new content aside) for about a billion years and people had become very very accustomed to the way things worked and when the CE patch dropped and people couldn’t opt out of it they shit their collective panties because suddenly they had no ****ing idea what was going on. Its a combination of stubbornness and typical human hatred of anything different. Honestly though while I understand why someone would want to play a game without it it ever being changed for years at the same time I can’t see why someone would want to, maybe it’s just me but I hate repetition. Kinda worries me though because you know what does the same thing every day for years without so much as a minor change?

    assembly line robots

    beep boop beep play something else robro’s

  9. I was amazed by this… Heck the whole rs community amazes me… Even tho i am against it (i loved the rs back in the days and i love how it evolved during all those years) i wonder how it will go. Seems so many ppl want to be stuck in that specific period and dont get any updates… As a gamer i just cant understand this O.o

  10. Fuk Runescape!!!! City of steam will be the best browser game ever & Drakensang is way more awesome. They really need to bring back Gunshine. I loved that game. If you have an old laptop or a crappy pc maybe Runescape but I would rather play Baulders gate 1&2 or neverwinter 1&2!!

      • Nobody cares, you’re the troll for saying those things! Cod4 was great same as mw2 on pc so screw you
        btw swag = secretly we are ghey

      • K some kid who calls themselves “swaggieboii” and make such a (comical?) comment cannot possibly expect to live without hate thrown at you, so Ima leave you alone with the lurking wolves that is about to set prey on you.

        • fine by me desertfox, i mainly expect some type of decency from another human being but… obviously he can’t say anything that can contribute to this arguement so go back to your “so called home” and start playing with yourself


          • And here we have it folks, the typical runescape fanboy who is no older than 12 and he’s already a failure to society.

  11. Runescape improved a heck of a lot with Combat Evolved it’s actually fun now before I could not play it more then 15 minutes before getting unbelievably board and quit and people want to go back? I’ve lost faith in gaming people are stuck in a rut and it’s disappointing

      • yah.. well most of the game’s forums that are out there is full of cry babies that don’t like changes or other stuff in game, i liked a lot that new combat system its more interacting then it was before,i heard that there is many bugs but its not like it wont be fixed.
        its a good game where you can have from one month to few years of break, but you will still know that you can go back to that game and find new things in it.

        • As a member who’s account was created in 2001, RuneScape has always sucked and sucked hard. It is basically a game you should NOT play if you have ANYTHING else you could be doing. The heart of the game has always been a mindless, monotonous grind.

          The new combat system changed this a little and moved the game in the direction of actually being a game.

          If you want the old system back you would probably be content with twiddling your thumbs in the dark… assuming you gained a level every once in a while to give you the illusion of progression.


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