No MMORPG ever wants to do a rollback. But sometimes they’re a fact of life, or at least virtual life, as Jagex found out this week with RuneScape.

The long Twitter thread details yesterday’s step-by-step breakdown. In brief, login servers went down Thursday, and when they came back, it necessitated a rollback of two hours and 45 minutes. A small number of players had it worse, though, still having issues logging in as of this morning. Jagex continued to update players via Twitter, even though many of the messages were of the “nothing new to report” variety.

A post mortem on all the issues was posted to the RuneScape website a few hours ago, apologizing for the error and advising players who were still having issues to submit a support ticket. In an effort to be “as upfront with you as possible,” Jagex acknowledged that the issue were expected to “run into the weekend and early next week” and promised compensation to those affected.

As a result of all the chaos, Monday’s update has been postponed as the team’s priority is on restoring access to the game to as many people as possible.

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