Rusty Hearts: Awakening Update

Rusty Hearts Exclusive Interview

Perfect World Entertainment announces “Awakening”, the first major content update for Rusty Hearts, its hack n’ slash dungeon crawler MORPG, which will be available on October 11, 2011.

This major addition to the fast-paced beat ’em up game features content that will uncover the history of Curtis Castle and expand the areas in the Cathedral hub world including an increased level cap to level 30, brand new dungeons, a second underground training facility, hundreds of new items, several new skills and weapons for each character, as well as over 120 new rich quests that will allow players to uncover more of Rusty Heart’s lore and storyline.

In search for signs of Lord Vlad and his missing fiancé, Frantz and his heroic friends unintentionally resurrect Thanatos, an ancient demon of death, from a sealed statue. While the group is pushed towards a forced alliance with Thanatos, another internal conflict begins as Lord Curtis, the last mortal tyrant of Curtis Castle rises from the grave with a raging surge to expel Lord Vlad, leader of the vampire armies, and all intruders that stand in his way.

Among a slew of features and a plethora of new content, the ‘Awakening’ update highlights new dungeons to raid and dominate:
• Steamworks – Battle Lord Vlad’s comrades and be very careful as you step into a world of machinery and traps. This maze of broken pipes releases hot fumes and poisonous gases that require nerves of steel.
• Collapsed Halls – Overthrow enemies lurking in the shadows while navigating your way through halls of ruins. Rumor has it that those who have entered have never returned, yet can still be seen wandering these halls.
• Public Baths – Haunted with wicked minions, find your way through these baths without losing your towel or cool as you encounter a variety of mean bosses including giant ogres, archers, and well-equipped shark-men.
• Guest Villa – Meet new tenants and discover the reason for the unfinished renovations on this warehouse turned into cryptic villa.

New players can download Rusty Hearts for free at


  1. I have played this game since a few days after Open Beta launched. Now have a level 25 Tude character (level cap thus far). It is a great game! Needs some improvements in certain areas but all in all I’m hooked on the game. So basically just wanted to say two things, 1 being this is an excellent game that can only get better and you should give it a try! 2 being I watched about half of the commentary video, which was filmed in Closed Beta. Idk if Chipz is new to making videos or what but he needs to do less talking about random things and stay more focused on discussing the game, and on a more efficient quick level.

  2. who cares about your stupid comment.. this game is stupid.. and the devs made this game are bastards.. its a complete stupid game

    • have you even played this game even if you did quit talking b.s bout stuff your comment is alot more retarded than that “first comment one” and why did you even come here if you hate this game so much


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