Scarlet Blade, the over-the-top mature themed MMORPG from Aeria Games has officially gone into closed beta today. Like in the past, Aeria Games continues to use the term “Closed Beta” while disregarding what the word closed actually implies. The beta is available now for everyone to download and play without the need for a key.

I managed to jump into the game for a couple of hours last night and I was impressed…..Impressed that an MMORPG managed to so quickly surpass TERA in the “how can we make this as sexual as possible and get away with it” department. Heck, I’d say it surpasses it with just the first load screen before you even get a chance to make your character! The game literally takes every opportunity to zoom in on a character’s exposed chest and butt. It certainly knows what demographic it’s shooting for and it is not ashamed.

Aeria Games is offering Scarlet Blade Founder’s Packs for players interested in getting a few extra items, as well as the usual exclusive mounts and costumes. Speaking of items, there is apparently an item in the cash shop that allows you to see everyone naked. I imagine those that buy this are the same individuals who /bow to create sexual innuendo poses with their avatars.

You can signup and download the closed beta by visiting the official site here.

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. My eyes ’bout popped outta my head when I saw some of these advertisement. Make this blasted game if you want, but you go too far when you put these on websites that kids can access. The game is definitely a bunch porno itself, but to put borderline porn ads on regular websites where my little eight year old could find it is insulting beyond words.

  2. Honestly i’m proud for Aeria Games. i mean the game maybe be focused on naked girls but then again nearly every mmo out there has half naked girls and suggestive clothing. Aeria games just took a smart route honestly. Sex does sell and its sad but true. I have to say that the SB world chat was actually fun i mean of course there were pervs that just wanted to talk about boobs but there were other people who all agreed that they stopped paying attention to all the “sexy” stuff and started focusing on the game/story/PvP and gameplay which is actually pretty decent. I’d have to disagree with magicman..i mean the game doesnt take every chance to show you boobs…lol i mean srsly.

  3. The quest and combat are really nothing impressive, although I have to say, the skills are flashy and really cool

    but the best part are the characters, people that don’t play will find that this is just a game to grab money from horny teens, but if you read the quests, is quite impressive how they develop the situation with you (the commander that controls the”weapon”/girl) and the girl itself, many funny jokes and insinuations from the character that you better stop with the dirty thoughts… the game seems even deeper as in the beginning she thinks she is only a sexy killing machine for you (commander) to “pleasure” yourself and it transforms to a deeper relation between both

    there is more in this game than it looks, is a simple almost generic game, but the “sexiness” is not only the base of the game, a marketing thing, but it is actually part of the plot to explore and even make fun of this

    • Ren apperently suceeded if shes a troll as u call her cause u my friend are reaaaaaaaaally mad as i see from your replies and bring “spelling” as an arguement is pathetic not every person here has english as his/her first language or even had the chance to study english so chill and accept the fact that everyone know to speak a different language perfectly u dont like it?thats your problem but dont bring it as a valid arguement when it is not though i doubt u will take this comment seriously whatsoever and probably see it as a trolling comment or as a “hate” message as u would probably call it at least i hope you have the brains to actually think about it

  4. Actually I played this in the alpha, and I can honestly say the gameplay is alot better than you would think. If your not a closed minded person, or want to try something different give the game a shot, it might surprise you.

  5. I tried this game and it’s a standard tab target mmo.The games selling point is sex.The game is as far from mature as can be.It’s as mature as bmxxx on the ps2 was.Aeria obviously trying to draw in the horn dog 13 yr olds and 40 yr old virgins.Hell it doesn’t even bring anything new to the mmo genre.After giving it 8 hours i can honestly say it’s a mediocre title at best that uses nudity as a way to cover up the fact it sucks.As usual Aeria games delievers crap and uses imature childish tactics to lure the lowest common denominator of the gaming community.

    • lol then you have not spent 8 hours in the games so dont lie if you did you would have found out almost all you have said is wrong.

      • I did spend 8 hours on the stupid game.And I’m completely right your just too much of fanboy that doesn’t get out of their mom’s basement enough to realize the game is garbage.

        • might be a fangirl though thats becuase i love the game but the rest of what your saying is wrong and basicly trolling witch non of us rilly care about

          • No disliking a game that uses sexualization as it’s selling point is not trolling.You ignoring the fact that a game that sells a unlocker for the sole purpose of making the characters nude is evidence of you being a blind fangirl.The gameplay is mediocre and same old sameold.If you your happy with crap games that’s your choice.But obviously Ren you refuse to accept the rest of the world isn’t going to have your opinions.That and your misspelling of simple word like really and just show you are just a kid.

          • Sie sind ein Scherz dumm
            sei molto stupido
            Anata wa hijō ni orokadearu
            (btw those are translator friendly well i hope they are go learn them, any one its good to learn other languages.)
            let me tell you this is my 3rd language(witch i have pointed out is most of my comments) and i don’t have to take any thing from a kid who has no picture or original name about my spelling or how old you think i am you jest posting that now shows who the real kid is btw i guess you rilly cant read any of the comments on the board huu or even go to the forms of the game how about you go get some real info and come back here you no name kid. Now get off the sight you stupid joke.

          • First off I’m the original golgo28.And that third language crap is a cop out.It’s called spell checker use it.There are plenty of people on this site that don’t speak English as a first language and they can even figure out how to use spell checker.Second you are the one that calls people trolls or other insults for not being a horn dog little kid that thinks a crap game like scarlet blade isn’t the greatest game ever.It’s a sub-par game that uses sex to get people to even check it out in the first place.And yes it’s main selling point is sex,cause it has nothing to do with game setting at all.And the fact they sell in the cash shop an item that lets players see characters in the nude,just further proves it.Just cause some dumbass decides they want to copy me and use my handle is not my problem.And btw little girl I’m 31 years old and a former marine.That served in Afghanistan for 3 tours.Other then faping to nude girls in a game what have you done with your life.And damn right I don’t put my picture on this site,but then again I also don’t use why don’t you get off the site and go back to work for the gold seller you work for in whatever part of china you live in.After all player accounts won’t hack themselves will they.Truth is I disliked a garbage game and you got all butt hurt over my opinion so you decided to troll me.Because you as Marlblanke said your choose to ignore other people’s thoughts.Since you obviously can’t believe that the rest of the world doesn’t agree with your opinions.Maybe if left your basement once and awhile,maybe even played a game that is actually good you might realize how wrong you stfu trollbelina go back to the bridge you live under.Before I spray you with troll-b-gone.

          • hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha omg that is the best trolling comment i have ever heard hello you jest told every one here your a troll with that comment if that’s all you have to say thing get out no i mean rilly get out you cant read other comments or form posts or even bother to admit your wrong hey all ym comments say yo like it or hate it i am not making you like the game your jest trolling me and i am replying btw its jest a game calm down mister general Patton lol maybe this sight is not for you if that’s all you have to say lol trolling kids like you are funny and um i don’t live in china thank you tho i have been their before (They don have ice their its mental that something so small means so much) any way yaa keep trolling that’s what your doing you have yet to rilly talk about the game at all you jest seem to try to back talk me. i mean try explaining why the game is bad i mean rilly if that’s all you have to argue don’t make a face book no one would wants to know you. see ya later genral patton or what ever you are.

          • Just like no one really wants to know you.I don’t bother with things like facebook,because only retarded shut ins think that a couple hundred people they don’t actually know are their friends.Only friends I need are my fellow devil dogs from my old platoon.Anyway I grow bored with your constant trolling.Go back to whatever communist dirt hole you came from and learn to spell while your at it.It’s not hard to spell simple words,though you obviously lack that ability.Just stop lying to yourself about this garbage game,that caters to horn dog little kids like you.

          • see all your doing now is trolling and making up weird things so go back to your little hole troller no one cares anymore all your saying right now has nothing to do with the topic so stop posting all together btw jest fyi democracy yaa not so much different from communism not that idealist like you can rilly think in any other way besides up your but.bybye now please don’t come again.because i hate you long time :p.

            moving on with the subject the game has been doing rilly well so many players right now i am on my 2nd run through with a defender its allot of fun finely being able to fight back i couldn’t do that as a healer have to say the attack animation looks nice you can tell their was allot of work put in to this game. lol and scarlet blades has a new slogan going on right now its this “came for the boobs…..but stayed for the game” i thought that was funny.any way great game.

          • Look little troll stfu Already.and learn to spell.You keep following me to every place i post and keep trolling me.Yet your gonna cal me a troll when your the dumb ass that trolled me.I’ll take the drivel that spews out your mouth a little more serious when learn to spell.I know it’s the internet but that’s no reason for you to keep going through life stupid as a doorknob.

  6. Never seen so much tata’s in my life in a game xD this out beats Tera by a mile when it comes to nudity..haha got to love that. As for gameplay, well gender locked, tab action, new class with a whip i guess, but for now its quick easy grind. Havent tried pvp, going to wait for OB when there is more people.

  7. i would like to point out realy quick that Scarlet Blade brought in so many people that Aeria Games had to restart their main web page server becuse it could not handle the crowd that is how good this game rilly is this is jest a quick post befor i go to bed.

    • Hey, don’t worry so much. I’m sure that everyone who can look past the half-naked female characters and specific humor is going to enjoy the game. Because there is alot to enjoy about it. But need to understand those who can’t look past it. Or at least accept their right to not like the game no matter how good it’s other features are. All people are different.

      P.S. May I ask what are your first and second languages are? Just curious. It’s not often that I meet someone who can speak not just two but three different languages. For instance, I speak only English and Russian.

  8. to the trolls and the haters time to set things straight i jest sat down with this game for 8 hours you heard me right 8 hours i am now lvl 19 and i can tell you what the game rilly is like unlike half the comments above me any one who says this is a sex game gtfo now don’t come back to mmobomb ever again plzz and thank you every one says this is a bad game go back to you call of duty and grind your way to p2w weapons now lets get this straight. this is mt 3rd language so deal with my typing if you don’t like it don’t read and leave you computer off because you clearly cant read any post in existence.

    this game is well a surprise the story is great character are all different it is rare to see 2 characters the same and even rarer to see 2 of the same with same class so the character creation is not half bad okay then classes well their are 6 classes all are different in how they fight and how they work to gather they each have about 3 ways you can go in a skill tree and will play different then other characters with different skills now the combat well it look nice and is easy to get a hold of but their is plenty of room for strategy if needed. now story and graphic the story is wow that has to be the best part if you read about the game and read each quest you find all the npc have their own spin and looks, backgrounds and all of them are cool in their own way they give out allot of funny one liners to the graphics their very nice though on best quality as i play it the ground textures could use some work but every thing is very tera like graphics. okay so i covered the basics now let me tell you what makes this game shine to me and why i logged 8 hrs in to it. i came in thinking this was going to be another spin off for little kids i did but man was i surprised the first 4 lvls in that skimpy outfit was like wow i saw this coming then i got my armor(i was a healer atm and still am) and i was like this is not to bad. so i Begin to play then i started to find out wow healers are not good at fighting go figure lol so i found a party and wow 6 hours and i went from lvl 6 to lvl 17 and got ahold of my mech this mech you see in the backgrounds of the game yaa you get them and their well op they destroy most monsters in 2 hits and my healer mech can basically keep 8 people alive with ease well after my party died down i had to find more people well that was rilly not so hard maybe 10 mins of spamming chat to find some one played with her for a while and quest grinded my way to lvl 19 i did this all with a healer and never fired 1 shot scenes lvl 6 as a healer i can keep any one alive from most monsters that don’t 1 hit thought i cant take many hits with a skill i got at lvl 16 i can teloporty around the map away from monsters if needed to i can not be attacked this is basically what i did most of the game and yet i did not fall asleep and i was some how having fun this whole time. that is my day on Scarlet Blade. well so far i am still playing.

    so all in all the game is nothing like most people here say it is though still in cbt i have to say i love the game more then any thang out their atm the lore and funny npc and awesome story is keeping me playing its 4 in the morning and after this post i am signing off i jest want to let people know this game is rilly rillly good if you can jest be mature about it you will find your self having a great time. so plzz don’t over look this game it rilly is great in its own way people that jest wright it off are jerks trollers an immature kids that cant get over the fact that hot girls can kick some ass to. this is ren the rose saying don’t judge a book bye its cover. good luck have fun see you later.

    • I admire your enthusiasm towards trying to set the “children” of the MMO community straight. However, and I do not mean any offense by this, those same people (being childish, after all) are likely to not give a damn about what you or anyone says especially if your grammar is sub-par (Again, no offense, I’m just stating fact. Personally, grammar doesn’t really matter to me unless it’s atrocious to the point where my eyes bleed or it’s in an environment where it means everything. Like Roleplaying or the like.)
      And they don’t care because…well, they’re no different than children. Would a child care if you called them wrong, immature, and whiny? No, they would just whine and scream that they’re not wrong and that they don’t whine.

      That being said, it is rather nice to see another person who cares enough to try, and I commend you for your efforts. While I don’t know if Scarlet Blade will actually hold my attention, I hope to see you in-game for the time that I do play it. After all, cooperation with like-minded people enhances any and every experience.

      • if only their were more people like you on the Internet :p well is i see were your coming from my post wasn’t rilly aimed at those people it was aimed at people like you who would mybe give it a second glance thank you for the reply if you ever want to meet on server(and any one else bedside’s ChrisHateZ lol jk jk.. well maybe not lol) look up StrickWitch that’s my medic account i am helping people lvl now that i have reached the lvl cap (lvl 30) and would not mind the company. tho you might have to put up with my horrible English lololol.

        • Thing is… there’s really nothing that sets this game apart from the rest other than…you guessed it, the sexualization overkill.

          “the story is great”
          – That’s personal opnion. I, for one, found it pretty standard.

          I agree with your point on character creation. It’s not the best I’ve seen, but it’s still better than most.

          “well their are 6 classes all are different in how they fight and how they work to gather they each have about 3 ways you can go in a skill tree and will play different then other characters with different skills now the combat well it look nice and is easy to get a hold of but their is plenty of room for strategy if needed.”
          – Granted, the game doesn’t follow the traditional class model, but having a lot of character classes with different trees isn’t exactly new. They have different names, but it’s still all about Tank/Melee DPS/Ranged DPS/Healer. Only actual surprise is that there’s no actual Mage class.

          Having pretty graphics and funny dialogue is nice and all, but people want more. Gameplay has to be solid, you need good endgame content, etc. I know this is a CBT, so it’s too early to comment on some of those things. However I also tried this game for several hours, and I really couldn’t find anything that made it stand out from the crowd. So if my friends asked me about it, all I could say is “Well, it’s your typical MMO, except with T&A galore.”

          Oh, there was another thing. The game felt REALLY easy. Granted, I only got to level 13 or so, but still..

    • I tried the game and it’s complete’s a mediocre game at best.The game is relying purely on sex as a seling point.I’m all for badass women kicking ass and taing names.But that is not what this game is trying to portray.Truth is this game is looking to market a subpar release to horny 13 yr olds and 40 yr old virgins.You can try and label those that dislike the game as trolls and haters but all your statement proves you are one of the imature little kids this kind of crap game targets.And Ren you need to learn how to spell simple words like just and really.Hell those are words that even people in non english speaking countries learn to spell.

  9. I’m gonna play it for the plot only !!! Really !!! 😛

    btw … i never went to search for it , so i don’t really know … but is there online games like this with sex in it ? i mean like porno mmorpg ? lol

    • Yes there are. Some pesky uncloseable banner lead me to one on those once. It wasn’t a typical RPG though. There are no levels and classes XD. At least that’s what description said. No idea how it actually plays since it is pay to play and I have no interest in paying for that kind of stuff.

      • haha yes, i don’t want to pay for such games either 😛
        but if i find a free one i would like to check it out , JUST to see how it is played Ofc ! xD

  10. Couldn’t even get the game to open. Everything closed after I logged in and hit play.

    And yes this is a porn game. The models are so horribly anatomically warped that it hurts for me to look at. There is literally nothing good about the characters, except for, what, the colors? Nothing about it makes sense, as far as the lore is concerned. I don’t even want to try to get into it because it’s a pointless endeavor.

    Impossible boobs and thighs and slut clothing = more players to fap = more money

    I don’t really expect much else from Aeria. They’re desperate.

    • A. Server maintence is what the game wouldn’t open. Forums aren’t hard to find, google it next time.

      B. For someone who as you said couldn’t get the game to open, there for couldn’t play the game there self, you really do have some misguided opinions eh?

    • …There’s nothing pornographic about it. Just because there’s nudity doesn’t make it porn. We’d have to reclassify the majority of movies that come out if you think nudity without the sex is porn.

    • It’s no porn if there’s no action. And I don’t mean “action” as in “action RPG”.

      However, excessive nudity in a game can be a real turn off for some players. Just like excessive violence, gore and harsh language. Personally I’m not a fan of oversexualization in any form of art and/or entertainment, but I may be able to look past it if there’s anything else in there to see.

      That said I don’t think that Aeria is deliberately using sex as last resort in a desperate attempt to make at least some money. In fact it’s a very risky move on their part and they probably understand it.

      • I half agree with you. I think they overdose you with nudity in this game and I don’t enjoy a game when it becomes more about a sexual theme than about plot,gameplay and other things that make games, well.. games. I don’t mind some of it if it suits the environment or is actually relevant in some way other than to draw in hornballs. However violence doesn’t bother me nearly as much and i am not sure why. I grew up watching beavis and butthead and slasher films and have no qualms with laughing hysterically at happy tree friends but i can’t stand violence in the real world.

  11. It just went into beta today….how incredibly coincidental. Today was the first time I went to their site after hearing of this weeks ago. Oddness.

  12. Aaww, I was gonna write up something about this in the forum. Been looking around for a new game (though I do want to get the lvl up goodies in Tera) and found that I could just download and hop into this game.

    Only played for about 10 minutes because I had other business to attend to, but what I can say about the game so far is that the quest text is filled with sexual innuendo, the novelty of which wears off fast (for me at least), the combat is hotbar-cooldown based with fast cooldowns so far, haven’t seen map markers for quest objectives yet, but there is auto-run to objectives.

    Also, they clearly spent a lot more time on the character models than the environment.

  13. Reactions to lighthearted sexual content:

    America: 20% fap, 75% overreact and think the game is instantly terrible and is trying to insult women in one shape or another, 5% don’t care and just play the game for the sake of playing the game.

    All of Eastern Asia: >=50% loving the game and laughing because they see the game for what it is; A form of humor mixed with a grind-tasticle MMORPG, <=50% Probably not playing the game, but still laughing because they associate with bizarre humor.

    …And people wonder why I would rather live in somewhere like Japan.

      • Because everyone here takes stuff WAY too seriously and can never lighten up. I dunno why seeing something not fully clothed makes people uncomfortable. None of it is real.

        • Why should it make anyone uncomfortable at all? Last I checked we’re born naked and clothes aren’t natural and when early man did clothe it self, if I recall it was because we required warmth and protection, not because we were ashamed of our bodies 😡

          • Indeed, johan. Quite frankly, I think the modern society is full of complete babbling idiots. Were it related to the religion and/or traditions to hide the body from the public (as it is in some cultures), then it would be perfectly acceptable for them to frown upon it. But in the case of the US, it’s just stupid.

  14. I gotta say, for a game that sells itself with sex appeal, it’s not a bad game. It has a basic tab-targeting combat system, so nothing new there, but it’s not like that’s a bad thing. The color palate for the backgrounds and environment are nice, there are some pretty creative monster designs, and the graphics are nice. The quest dialog isn’t too cheesy, and the translation seemed decent as well.

    The deviation from the standard ‘cleric, warrior, mage, archer’ character selection was cool, though it does look like there’s not much deviation from a classes intended purpose. So it looks like I’m out of luck, as far as class hybridization is concerned. But eh, maybe that’s too much to ask for.

    I don’t know though. Due to almost uncomfortable amount of adult content, from quest dialog to character designs, I don’t think I’ll be able to recommend this game to my friends and family because, well, to be honest, it looks terribly dirty. I wonder how this game will fair in the long run because of that. Who knows. I sure as hell don’t.

    All in all, the game’s not too bad, actually. Hell, I’d say it’s better than a lot of other games on the market right now. Give it a shot if you’ve the time. It’s sure to surprise.

    • yes and no it’s a close beta but it’s limited to how many people can actually get into the clothes better there were only 2000 people let in today directions to play the game the rest of them had character lock with a were not able to make a character you can download a can log into server kinda but you were unable to create a character they didn’t have character slots so it’s not an bada it is actually close beta withselected players were based on predetermined terms earlier on in the game. so know if you sign up right now you’re more likely will not get in the game today you might get into it tomorrow or a week from now depending on how many people they let in to the servers but no again it is not open beta it doesn’t have keys per se but you do have to have your account selected to be allowed to play in the servers

      • well then i quess i am lucky 😛 i made a char i am on the valkyrie server(they add a new server just now i believe as well)i am lvl 19 ranger?gunner?rifleman?idk dont remember the class’s name lol but i hold like a rifle and i am a ranged class anyways games pretty good.

  15. Ugh, this site is really starting to get annoying when they talk about Scarlet blade to the point of insulting, honestly. It’s like everytime scarlet blade is mentioned they feel the need to insult it in some half-cocked way then high five each other like a bunch of frat boys instead of actually playing the game which is good. There is a reason the majority of reviews and previews from other sites are about this game and it’s nothing to do with it’s looks.

    I love mmobomb, but please grow up and drop this already. You’ve not even played the game enough to HAVE an opinion of it, so stop insulting it and the people who play it so I can gain my respect for you again.

    • Actually I think if you watch our First Impressions video (done by me) you will find I give Scarlet Blade credit on both sides of the spectrum. By lvl 20 I had a good grasp of the questing, multi-ability combat, dungeons, PvP, mech suits, and pets. This encompasses all the core mechanics available to Scarlet Blade. I still think it’s an average at best MMO with a scantily clad paintjob added.

      This certainly doesn’t mean other people can’t play it and enjoy it, but to say I can’t have an opinion yet would be false.

  16. yeah this game is great i like it the game play is okay also not the best it is just like every other tab target game and it dose have auto travel but other then that it is okay not the best 😉

  17. i have been waiting for ever for this to come out i am glad to see it out but we all know what this artcle told about the game way ahead of time now tell them about the awsome game play.

    • Yeah. And about lots of lesbians openly enjoying themselves. 😀

      Jokes aside, gameplay is actually really fun and well made for a typical tab targeting MMO.

  18. “Speaking of items, there is apparently an item in the cash shop that allows you to see everyone naked.”

    Holy cow… that beats Age of Conan’s “Enlarge your breasts!” item.

  19. Its a very good game indeed but i find it funny how company’s have found yet another way to make money with the so called ” Founders Pack ” lmfao anyway Kudos to cu for not saying the outdated kids word when posting first.

    • outdated kids word.. lol. I guess mounted is already a few months old thing. Yea so outdated.
      I guess we should get more trendy. Would you prefer yolo? or whatever you cool trendy ppl are using this days?

      • If saying it for every post that gets put on here is not enough to make it outdated then im not sure what your getting at but yeah Mounted is meant to make you feel ?? yeah don’t understand it myself and gawd knows how many others have stated its just lame in general and yolo lol and for what reason would you be needing to post that ? and trendy lol you kids must be going back years i think peeps need to grow up or something.


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