As if the map for spacefaring MMORTS Starborne wasn’t big enough, it’s about to get even bigger. Tomorrow will see the launch of a new map for Sovereign Space that adds 2,200 new starting locations, in an attempt “to shake up the existing gameplay while keeping the core victory conditions.”

While I can’t claim to understand the strategic importance of everything laid out in the dev blog describing the new map, it does sound cool that there are “Dyson Spheres which hold prime locations in the center of each starting sector” and “lucrative ice belts exist both in the middle and around the edge of the map.” Woo, ice!

Also, there’s a black hole. In fact, “The mechanisms for the Strategic victory have also been moved entirely into the Black Hole sector in the middle of the map.” Future plans include trimming victory conditions and concentrating players into a smaller number of server-wide teams.

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