In their weekly community stream on Twitch — The Streaming Ones — Funcom discussed immediate and future plans for Secret World Legends. More content is arriving in the game as soon as next week when Funcom drops “Tokyo Beyond the Wall.” This is more content that originated in The Secret World, but the devs promise that some of it will be new for veteran players as well as those who joined after SWL launched.

This update — which doesn’t have a set day yet — will also include brand new gadgets (with new visual effects) as drops. They’re not open-world drops, but rather are tied to specific containers in the zone.

Story-wise the update will feature AEGIS a good bit, including specific missions and hints about what’s going on there.

Next, there’s great news for people with inventory woes. We won’t have to deal with quest items clogging up our bags and taking up much needed space for much longer. When the patch hits next week, a mission item specific inventory will be implemented. Note that if you already have mission items in your inventory when this hits, you will need to move them manually. After that, any item you pick up as part of a mission will automatically be added to that inventory rather than your regular.

As for future plans, it seems we won’t have that much longer to wait for completely new (non TSW) content. The devs have announced that the last part of Tokyo will be arriving in short order. The Tokyo lair isn’t far out either. Once this is finished, other systems (including Dark Agartha and The Agent systems) will come online.

Gameplay-wise, it has been announced that wrist signets are in the works, cabal management will be tweaked (but probably not for a while), scenarios may be adjusted to make them playable for those without DPS gear, and the Surgeon and Barber will be back in game at some point in the future.

It’s also important to note that Funcom has elected to open up the second TSW Vanity transfer to all former TSW players — whether they participated in the first transfer or not. So, if you missed out last time for any reason, you can still get your items then.

If you’d like to watch the full dev stream, you can do so via the Funcom Twitch channel.

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