Funcom’s reboot of the modern day occult-themed The Secret World MMO, Secret World Legends, is finally open to everyone. After a short period of Closed Beta testing and this past weekend’s Head Start for original TSW players and SWL beta testers, the game has officially gone live.

In honor of the launch, the Funcom team put together a spiffy movie-style trailer — with most of the dialog taken from the game itself.

The new game continues the story started in The Secret World, while making a variety of gameplay adjustments such as new combat, the addition of a more standard leveling system, and the streamlining of certain missions.

There are a few important things to note at the moment. First, due to a exploit discovered over the weekend, the game’s marketplace is currently turned off. This mean you will be unable to buy Aurum (the premium currency) using the ‘Marks of Favor” in-game currency.

Also note that — as I discovered over the weekend — you will be unable to create Cabals or trade directly with another player without having Patron status.

The Secret World Legends client can be downloaded via the game’s official site.

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  1. I have actually started playing this (having bought and played the original version of TSW) and I have to say, even though I know the action combat is not really action combat, it does feel better than the old system and since I switched my faction the game does feel new and fresh to me. Definitely worth a download for those interested in the subject matter.

  2. July 31 game comes out on steam! im alredy in game lv 41 and dam the new acivment and quests are amazing realy enjoying the remake so much more fun to quest,, and u get Pets from completing pussels i got 7 pets so far witch rave was so cool!.. and new outfits from all factions ftrom secret world u can use teplet outfits on leminate just when u equipe it turns blue insted so on depens on ur factions and thats so cool! to mix that deck outfits as parts insted of put on suits, realt like it and combat is sweet! only thing i hate is the new lockboxes with monts and outfits! and wepon works simelery to blad n soul where u feed ur wepon items to lv it up!

  3. Such an insult relaunch. People paid for DLC, now “free”. The things they marketed HEAVY on (and probably find videos on on youtube) was their “skill wheel” which they boasted back in 2012 was “not wow like” and “unique” because it was…a wheel XD, they claimed you could hybrid and be flexible, but even back then they were liars and scammers: The wheel was just a typical skill tree but in a wheel menu, not a square one….so stupid. And if you hybrid (say tank / heal) you are weak vs. a pure build and therefore INSTA KICKED in dungeon groups and pvp.
    It relied heavily on the trinity. So here we are, rebooted, everything they said was unique now GUTTED out, turned on DERP mode, and tossing you free crap behind poor F2P monitization. Sorry. This crap won’t ever touch my hard drive (to boot, the fashion is horribly bad,)

  4. Pretty alright for a game. Questing isn’t as boring as other MMOs and I haven’t really experience any big performance issues throughout my play time. Although many of the quests share the same old “go here, do this” formula, each quest feels like a new experience. Combat is alright, but I felt that it’s too simplified to my liking since there’s little synergy to be had between your primary and secondary weapons.

  5. Game has a lot of issues. Large number of players who want to play can’t even play. There is a type of crash to desktop bug that hasn’t been issued since 2012 ( that i know of ) can happen anyone anytime and make the game unplayable.

  6. I started playing on 23rd, I didn’t expect to like it since it has a 21st century theme, but I’ve fallen in love with it and I recommend it to everyone, it has cutscenes for absolutely every quest and more voice acting than The Elder Scrolls Online and Star Wars The Old Republic combined.

    It’s an amazing game with great story and fun gameplay.

      • I wipe my ass with your statement to it not funny to compare a 2017 game to a 2004 game games are games gaming is gaming…….. no rules in what is the best in gaming….. AND BY THE WAY THE NEW IS NOT NECESERALY THE BEST IN GAMING KID…. get a clue.

    • Vanilla WoW on Elysium is still good, retail WoW is a garbage piece of shit, but please don’t insult Vanilla, it’s still one of the greates MMORPGs ever and I still play it after 10 when I first played Vanilla WoW and WoW at all.

  7. So far having lots of fun. Always wanted to try the first because of the setting and theme. Now, as much as I still prefer combat in PSO2 or BDO, I fairly enjoyed my first couple hours in SWL. There’s a sense of nostalgia in it. Not enough to feel like the “same ol same ol”. It has that charm of old MMO’s but I can’t exactly place my finger on what about it is.


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