Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m just happy to have some new content in Secret World Legends. As much as I really want that golden dragon pet for completing challenges, and want to fill out the achievement log, doing the same stuff all the time does get kind of old.

Plus, I kind of missed the faction missions from The Secret World — and the cool stuff you got from doing them. So, to find out that Funcom just decided to go ahead and drop the Ranking missions they’d promised a while back with today’s update is a nice treat.

Currently, there are three ranking missions — one for each faction. It seems there will be more released later. The current missions require players to be level 50 with an IP level of at least 250. As other missions are made available, they’ll require higher IP levels. Each ranking mission will offer a selection of difficutly levels, each requiring higher IP Levels to enter.

Succesfully completing the missions will be rewarded with the rest of the faction uniforms, a new Agent Network mission slot, a new Agent Dossier, and… spiffy new headgear.

In addition to the Ranking missions, the update also includes the new South African Sabotage mission, “Public Enemy Number One.” Head back to the Morninglight compound and figure out who’s been spying on you. If you survive, you may just get a new outfit — of questionable taste.

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