One of the things I really like about miHoYo is how they’ll happily supply players with information on what went into creating various parts of Genshin Impact — and with the frequency that they do it. We’re not just talking a few minutes overview either, but a beginning-to-end look at the process, generally involving all departments who contributed work. It’s something I wish more game developers did because it’s always neat to see. And it’s likely useful information for those hoping to land a job in the industry someday.

This week, the Genshin team shared a nearly half-hour long video detailing what went into making the dragon Azhdaha — from conception and naming, (They really put quite a bit of thought into his name.) to references used in his design and what changes were necessary to make that design work within a video game environment. (It turns out tails can be a real problem.)

Speaking of problems, they even modified Unity because they were unwilling to give up the look of the battle they’d created for performance but were also unwilling to give up performance to keep the art.

As I said, it’s a great look at what goes into something like creating a boss battle, whether you’re just kinda interested in that sort of thing or perhaps would like to do it yourself someday. So, if behind the scenes videos are your bag, watch the full thing below.

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