Since Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is a thing that is happening, it’s only natural for players to wonder exactly what that means for them — other than ‘kinda, sorta new game to play, maybe, not really’. So, of course questions were asked, and some of the most frequently ones were answered over the weekend.

Among the questions are technical queries, such as how players will be able to move between the OG game and NGS on a single account. The answer is that they will exist in one game and players will use a feature like the one that already exists to move blocks in order to move between the two game worlds.

Players also asked about the graphics engine, and we have good news and bad news. POS2’s graphic engine will be upgraded to match NGS. So, yay. Shiny new graphics. But, that also means that if your game is unable to run the NGS graphics, it won’t be able to handle the original PSO2 any more either.

The rest of the questions involve what items will be usable in both games, requests for details on finger movement, whether or not titles will be shared, and more. The entire FAQ can be found on the PSO2 site.

Of course, New Genesis won’t be available for a while, but in the original PSO2, things keeps ticking along and that means more campaigns. On September 2, three new campaigns will kick off: Clear Story Quests, Use Group Chat, and Battle It Out. The first campaign just asks players to clear specific story quests from Episode 4 — Specifically, ‘A Sorrowful Reunion’ and ‘A Mother’s Wish’. Both need to be completed before maintenance on September 29. Managing the first will earn players a Gold Tokyo Bonus Key. The second will get them a Kitty Pose emote.

The Use Group Chat campaign is pretty much what it sounds like. Just use Group Chat to talk with other players before September 15 and you’ll receive a reward.

Finally, the last campaign requires players to spend some time in the battle arena, clearing Emblem Scramble in Ranked Matches. You’ll need to do this mutiple times in order to recieve all the available rewards, which range from Triboosts to SG tickets and an emote.

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