SEGA isn’t quite giving up on its console titles, but it’s not real happy with them either and intends to make a bigger push in the free-to-play market in the coming years.

According to SEGA’s most recent financial report, “packaged games” didn’t fare so well, being described as “weak due to the harsh market environment.” Free-to-play gaming, though? Everything’s coming up roses!

On the other hand, in the field of digital game software for mobile phones, smartphones, and PC downloading, the entire field of digital game software remained strong.

Most of the F2P games mentioned in SEGA’s report are of the typical mobile variety, though PC titles do get a call-out, even if it comes at the expense of non-F2P, packaged games:

the field of digital game software for smartphones and online PC games as the center of growth and will promptly shift management resources from fields such as packaged game software and amusement machine. In the field of digital game software in which market growth is expected to continue

Mentioned in that same positive breath as a “mainstay title” is Phantasy Star Online 2 — and no, there’s no talk of when the MMO will be coming to the West. However, if there’s anything good to be gleaned from all this, it’s that SEGA is hopping even more fully onto the F2P bandwagon, which could prompt them to devote, you know, actual resources to PSO2’s Western release. We can only hope.

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  1. Alright Sega let me give you a warning about information on PSO2 to site either you release it to the west or gtfo

  2. It always amazes me when Japanese game companies refuse to release products in the western territories then they wonder why the hell they’re bankrupt and out of money.

    PSO2 may be a good game (I don’t know whether it is or not since I will never get to pay it) but Sega missed their window to release it here in the West. Not many outside of PSO fanboys will care when a five year old asian MMORPG finally gets released in NA/EU.

  3. I loved pso played it on my dreamcast, o the memories. really wanted to get into pso2 but say just messes there fans around far 2 much. if i comes out ill play it but been waiting that long now like every one i dont think we have much hope at all, i think we have all accepted it not coming out over here or if it does will be some bodge that will be open for 6 months then close so they can say we had it and it ddnt do well so they closed it.

  4. I played on the jap servers.. the second i was discovered as an English only speaking person in the game. my account got wiped. then banned when i made a new character. I was also on Ship 4. I miss my CAST Gunner. i had upgraded him to use heavy artillery

    • I play PSO2 in Japanese Spanish and English 2 years..I haven’t been banned…right a few months ago, sage restricted no Asians IP, but you can play it with proxy without lag

    • Doubt that was the only reason. Im also on Ship 4 and manager of an English speaking team promoting that we accept those that speak English. I’ve even had told many players there that myself and other players speak English with some only knowing English. They don’t care. As long as you’re not in all chat it’s fine.

      I can only assume that you were asking random things in all chat in English for that to happen. Even when the IP ban fiasco (when they got hacked) happened a lot of JP players were asking for them NOT to ban Eng players.

      The only reason some people still can’t log in anymore without the need for a VPN is because they haven’t told every US ISP the new ip to route to which tbh they shouldn’t have to.

  5. You can still play the Japanese servers, tho I’ll tell ya. You aren’t missing out. If you were looking to be a tank or a support, you’ll fine your shit out of luck. Want to do end game stuff? You’ll need some god-tier amount of luck if you want a weapon for your class. Wanna be Hunter or Gunner main? Ha. Please leave your FUN points and Meseta at the door. Also what are the chances that all the anime and other game cross overs would also be released out west.

    • The moment you said tank or support I don’t think you played the game much. There are no Tanks or Supports. You don’t have someone go in and grab aggro etc etc. That’s not how the game works in the slightest.

      Also you don’t need luck. You can always just save up enough meseta (and with trials you can make 1-2 mil a day easily ) and just buy a weapon thats +10 with max potential.

      You are right about the cross overs. I doubt any of them would come out or any of the seasonal events (or at least not most of them).

  6. meh I doubt it’ll ever get here and even if it does I wouldn’t really care stopped being excited about it a long time ago

  7. Even if PSO2 comes to the West, I would not say its worth playing as SEGA will likely treat the West bad as they did with PSU. I’m a monster PSO fan but the way SEGA treats the west is a joke. I’ll guess this ahead of time. If it does come out in the West, it will be 6 months behind on content and there will be bugger all customer support as well as hacking up the ying yang.

    • Honestly with how the original PSO with expansions as well as PSU was treated I wouldn’t blame them for not releasing it. I have yet to see anyone on the JP side dressed with as little clothes as possible and just dancing for meseta.

      Release it in the US and you’ll see way more then SEGA would want.

      • While I get what you are saying I’m not sure if I agree or not. When I had PSO Version 2 on the DC (the JP version, oh I’m from UK), I found My time playing was a breath of fresh air. Then it came out in the US and it turned to complete shite. I know this comes off like I’m blaming Americans but I’m just stating what happened. It’s not like it fared much better when it then got released in EU either.

        SEGA are terrible with supporting products outside of Japan, hacking, duping, save corrupting are just a few things SEGA never even tried to put a stop to.

        I’ve tried to play on the JP servers but as I can’t speak any Japanese, I find the language barrier too much. I know there are “English” servers, but I’ve tried them and I’m not interested to be honest. Anyway, I think this is a moot point, PSO2 will never see the light of day in the US/EU.

  8. well i can’t really say that im still excited about PSO2. If it comes to the west, I’ll play it but i won’t throw a fit if it doesn’t.


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