Since SEGA announced Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, players haven’t always been clear as to how the game will work alongside its predecessor. We all knew from the beginning that the OG Phantasy Star Online 2 wouldn’t be going away and that the games would tie into each other, but we weren’t sure how in some ways.

Recently, SEGA has been endeavoring to clarify all of that with “Additional Information” posts. The first of these posts addressed things like how players would be able to move between the two games, the graphics engine update, and the whole “finger movement” thing, as well as other items. Now, a second post has been published. This one also covers a variety of subjects, with a focus on gear.

This is definitely the post you’ll want to pay attention to if you care about personal shops and trading, or how weapons obtained in PSO2 will work in PSO2:NGS. As far as the weapons go, it appears item rarity has been simplified, with the highest rated weapon being four stars. This means that when a 15 star weapon is moved from PSO2 to PSO2:NGS, the weapon will become a four star weapon. When it’s moved back to PSO2, the changes will revert.

It seems another thing that will be impacted by moving a character from one game to the other will be that not all outfit items will appear, with layering wear and CAST Parts being shown as the default PSO2 outfits or CAST Parts.

There’s also a rather long list of what will and won’t be shared across the game. The list is fairly comprehensive, and covers everything from general system features, community and communications, and storage to salon features and collection sheets. The devs definitely tried to be as detailed as possible with this list, as it doesn’t just list the items that are shared but also lists the ones that are not. There are also a few notes, such as the fact that POS2: NGS will not have friend avatars, but that won’t affect them displaying in the original game.


  1. You have to wonder why though. Why make a whole new game and make them compatible between each other instead of just making a whole new game? Like, a one-time character transfer would solve most of this. It seems like they wanted to either test out a new game/game mode and didn’t feel like making an entire game…


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