Shards of War, the free to play MOBA from Bigpoint, has added the 20th Sentinel in its lineup and let’s just say…he’s a bit disgusting. Named Bile by the survivors of the Black Sun Shard, this tank class character’s freakish mutations are the result of the dark mist that still spreads across his world. Rotten to the core, he leads his men from the ruins of their former base, preying upon any “purebloods” he can find – capturing them with his mutated arm before dragging them back through corridors already slick with gore.

As his name implies, expect Bile to be the kind of Sentinel that literally throws up on other characters as part of his core ability set. Bile’s Ultimate, on the other hand, focuses on brute strength and causes Bile to leap to a target and channel a damage dealing stun. This Ultimate can only be used when at least one other Sentinel is nearby, though.

Bile’s page is ready for your perusal if you wish to check out all the other disgusting abilities and backstory this character has to offer.

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    • This one is a bit different since it’s WASD and (2D) aim based, worth a try for anyone interested in something a little different IMO.


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