Swordsman Online, the upcoming fast-paced martial arts MMORPG from Perfect World Entertainment has received a new gameplay trailer which shows off several of Swordsman’s 10 customizable fighting styles in action. According to the trailer, these school specific fighting styles present players with the choice of using unique weapons to flow in and out of custom combos thanks to the use of motion capture animations.

Other features touted in the trailer include the use of ragdoll physics, realtime weather and a seemingly freeform parkour system. Swordsman Online has already been released in China where it apparently enjoys a userbase of over 80 million players and is set to begin its closed beta testing here in the west on June 16th.

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  1. i was so looking forward to this game, but its worse than Age of Wulin, for a few reasons:

    1. you cant move with just the mouse, you have to press W and hold right click to rotate the camera (but this doesnt matter, because you should check out point 2.)

    2. you cant move and cast spells at the same time, not even auto attack, you just stand in one place and mash buttons, so what if there are special jumps and stuff?!

    3. the graphics arent that good – only the playable characters’ models are well made, the NPCs look like they are recycled models from a 2005 MMORPG, which is a total turn off, because both models should be the same, be it good or bad

    there is one good point about the game – its a bit more self-explanatory, it feels more like the previous Perfect World games (FW, PW, ES, JD, HOTK)

    to conclude my opinion, i will say that im really disappointed with how this game turned out

  2. ._. all of you suck your nothing more nothing less. Your negative about a game that hasn’t hit the west yet. Stop prejudging it and play the game give it a try and shut pp until YOU play the game not a friend not a reviewer on you-tube YOU. Because you never know you might actual like it. Wake up Gamer and cut your crap.

  3. taking to much time to release the game ,yeah all the ppl its always the same looking the video they think OMG this game its pretty cool,awesome,etc but once the stupid game comes out they start with the “generic gameplay,its like a WoW Clone” and the retards with the… “Mounted/Mounted Son” . ._. or the classic guy that answer you saying “u mad bro?” those are the generics IRL.

  4. ive actually been playing this game for the past couple of days and I got to say its actually pretty cool and refreshing. three different controls styles for different styles of tastes though I prefer the action one myself. The story is ACTUALLY interesting and keeps me wanting to keep going for me and the different schools are actually all unique and not boring and including three styles or tress in each school makes it really fun and matchmaking into instances is awesome too

  5. Actually this game is great, I’m playing the alpha test and just found it very good. Unlike Age of Wushu has a more fuid, dynamic combat….of course comes not as agile and “action” but does not take the fun.The graphics are great and has some flaws in zones and animations, but also is a familiar pattern of PWI.
    If you already played the games of PW will like and adapt.
    If you already expecting something more innovative, will not be good.

  6. This game is a grindfest just like Jade Dynasty. It has a similar bot program too. The game looks good but botting program is just meh. The PK system is also bad. In conclusion, this is Jade Dynasty with a better graphic.

  7. Where’s the gameplay trailer?

    That was just a lame cinematic trailer with some stuff at the end that could POSSIBLY be ‘gameplay’, but we’ll never know because it wasn’t from the players perspective. Basically they’re hiding the gameplay. No hype. Games that do that never turn out good.

    • Yup. When a trailer won’t show raw gameplay and is completely cinematic, it is often a bad sign. In this case..it’s PWE and the telltale signs are plain for all to see.

  8. This trailer is about almost a week old. First I saw it was in ARC when they announced June 16th for the CB.

  9. This is another AWFUL asian mmo that is a dime a dozen. Everything about it is horrid and it isn’t unique in any way. Stop getting your hopes up.

    • Woah, does it? I mean, my opinion is mostly regarding all those literally DEAD games wich are constantly promoting themselves of having “Over 100million people registered!” and how awesome and unique they are… But when u get on them you rarely see 2 people in one place and the whole game makes u barf. I just cant imagine 80mil people on at a time~. Even 1 mil at a time… 😀 Thats HUUUGE.

        • Yea but this is a new game is not even well known,I doubt they have servers that can handle 80million+ players.LoL can do it because they get alot of money from It’s playerbase and have already set the stage in MOBA games,but this is a game we just got to hear of this year lol.

  10. Lemme get this straight, 80 million players? Let it be atleast 5000 lol, theres no way 80 million or even half a million people will play here, tho im looking forward to play this tho theres no way there will be so many players.

    • Nobodoy even cares about Archeage, the Combat System Is just too boring and same Tab Targetting as other mmos. The only thing that would be Interesting are the Sandbox Features but for me the Combat Is one of the most Important Features in a mmo.

        • Hahaha. When i was in high school i said same sentence. Now i’m graduating from collage. More than 5 years bro. If you realy want to play it there is a china server which f2p. With 200+ ping of course .

          • I just laughed at this, that sounds so bad, 5 years lol.

            But back then the game was still in alpha for asia

        • there is a russian srv called playbns.com it’s russian but people made english patch for it and almost everything translated.works just like the china one and i have 50 ping on it.

  11. Developed by Perfect World, I can see this thing being a huge disappointment. That aside, the game looks very nice with the awesome animations and effects, even though the graphics are mediocre. The main issue I think with these games however is a matter of ping.

    Most action RPG games require players to have good ping to the server so they can do combos and pvp etc fluidly. You can probably still easily PvE though of course. PW will most likely just make a North American and European server, which wouldn’t be ideal to solve the issue. I’m looking for something more original though, even if this does turn out to be a well-made game.

    • whats with all this prejudice? its developed by nexon, so it has to be bad, its developed by perfect world, so it has to be bad

      ive tried almost every MMORPG so far and the only ones i could play more than a month were Talisman Online, Forsaken World and Aura Kingdom, and those three games are pretty bad

      i know that Swordsman Online will probably be bad, but im still excited, because i love games with asian setting and im looking forward to try it out when the CBT starts

      i know Age of Wulin/Wushu is bad, but im still gathering some strength so i can start playing Wulin on Webzen some time soon, i have the game downloaded and all, my character is created, i just have to lay off games for a while to develop that lust for an asian MMORPG

      you shoud know better than getting excited about every game that is about to come out, you know

      im well aware that ArcheAge, which im waiting for for a while now, might suck as well and it might not live up to my expectations, but im still excited and looking forward to try it out

      you people just have the wrong mentality toward the MMO market, you shouldnt have any expectations at all, this way you wont get disappointed… AT LEAST

      • It is a sad day when one would suggest to people to not have expectations in the gaming industry. Regardless of genre, it is not wrong to expect quality and to expect developers to strive for more as the standard of quality rises.

        With an attitude like “..you shouldn’t have any expectations at all”, that is a free pass for developers to continue to be lazy, to half-ass mmos, to set up truly awful F2P plans that turn what may be a decent game into garbage in the name of monetizing everything. Expect more. Demand more. Apathy is not the answer.

        • if you consider this being SAD, it just means (to me) that your whole perception of reality is wrong, if you put some digital pixel bullshit on a pedestal, it just means (to me) that you make certain unimportant things a priority

          for me games are an activity for the meantime and i cant afford to think this much about games, its still like a passion to me (like anime), but its slowly dwindling, as it seems

          • Games are a product; they aim to make money. Customers can(and should) be discerning and savvy with how they spend. Clearly you are the one who lacks proper perception on reality. You say to have no expectations; that is by and far the worst thing you can say in any economical setting. These are a product first and foremost.

            I am not “putting digital pixel bullshit on a pedestal” as you seem to think. Your position is out of ignorance and apathy. It is not a proper stance that benefits anyone. But think what you like.

          • Bic boi has a point u clearly miss allwynd developers won’t try and today don’t try anything new or take risks because of ppl like u who say have no expectations ppl should expect more for their money cuz if we don’t we get 10000 call of duty games that r xactly the same it is already happening cuz of attitudes like yours allywnd

            expecting more from developers is not wrong back in the golden age developers had 2 try because ppl knew what wuz up n wanting good games for reasonable prices instead of today where $60 gets u only 25 hours n then tacked on mp passion or not is not wrong to want effort from devs money is not a given just my 2 cents

          • since i cant reply to your comments, guys, i will have to reply to mine

            now, lets get this this straight, dont perceive me as a consumer, i dont identify myself as one, im more of a bystander, my excitement for MMOs was born and died with World of Warcraft, now i just read MMO news websites, if i find a game interesting i register and try it out and thats it, i never paid a dime for an MMO and thats why i dont feel excited or get frutstrated when the MMO i play gets a “bad” update, like in World of Warcraft, every expansion that introduces new gear tiers makes the last one obsolete, so all your hard work goest to waste and you have to start from scratch

            but enough said on that, i just wanted to clear that out of the way – im a bystander and thats it, i used to rant about games and shit, but now i just shrug and move on 🙂

  12. HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Am I supposed to be laughing too? It seemed like the thing to do at the time. As for disappointment…. I’ll let it try to disappoint me. See what happens.


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