Today, Dungeons & Dragons Online players have the opportunity to explore the Feywild, meet the Archfey, and encounter all variety of mythical creatures like unicorns, pixies, and more. The new expansion, titled “Fables of the Feywild”, adds thirteen new quests, a new wilderness area, new public zone, and a raid (to arrive in a later patch). It also introduces the new humanoid Shifter race. This race can take on alternate forms, including the Shifter Razorclaw, which is available at level 15. All those mythical beasts we mentioned. You will be fighting most of them. Yes, even the unicorns.

Along with the update itself, Standing Stone Games has also revealed both Collector’s and Ultimate Fan Edition bundles. The Collector’s edition costs $80 and includes the following:

  • Fables of the Feywild Content
  • Shifter Character Race
  • New Universal Tree – Feydark Illusionist
  • Feywild Mosaic Cosmetic Items
  • Razorclaw Iconic Hero
  • White Unicorn Mount
  • Cooshee Cosmetic Pet
  • Satyr Bard Hireling (Heroic)
  • Epic Destinies Access
  • Character Slot

The Ultimate Fan Edition, on the other hand runs $130 and includes everything in the Collector’s Edition as well as the following:

  • Winter Eladrin Cosmetics
  • Displacer Beast Cosmetic Pet
  • Black Unicorn Mount
  • Saryr Bard Hireling (Epic)
  • Instant Teleport item to Feywild
  • Tome of Destiny +1 for all characters

Of course, if either of these are too pricy, a standard edition containing the Fables of the Feywild content, the Shifter Character race, and Epic Destinies access is available for $40.

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