As silent as a U-boat moving underneath a convoy of Allied freight ships, Ubisoft’s Silent Hunter Online slipped its way into open beta this morning. The browser based sub simulator lets players take command of German U-boats during World War II.

Like previous installments in the series, players will have control over various knobs and switches which they’ll have to monitor and adjust in order to line up the perfect torpedo. Unlike previous installments, players can take on missions with others, organizing joint torpedo strikes on unsuspecting groups of targets. As players get better at sending targets to their watery graves, they can install new upgrades in their submarines or promote their crew.

Players interested in trying out Silent Hunter Online need only visit the official site and create their account. However, I cant guarantee you’ll be playing immediately. At the time this article was written, I’m stuck in a login queue currently estimated at 10 days.


  1. Howdy Every person! experience no cost to question my anything (although my know-how of laptop support isn’t large), as I’m often up to get a chat!

  2. I’ve been playing for a few days now — good if you like naval / sub games. If you’re into FPS or stuff like that, then not for you. It’s more of a thinking game.


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