(Footage of early Alpha build)

If you’ve been on the hunt for a post-apocalyptic MMORPG for some time now and been disappointed by the slim pickings out there, perhaps you should keep an eye on Skies, EFORB’s Kickstarter hopeful. We’ve confirmed with EFORB that the title will be free-to-play upon release and are a bit intrigued by some of the ideas expressed on the game’s Kickstarter page.

Taking place in the years between 2150-2170, Skies paints a dark picture of civilization thrown into chaos through a series of events that leave planet Earth and its inhabitants fighting for something as simple as a drink of clean water. Combat is to be expected in this type of “look out for number one” environment and a first-person shooter type of gameplay is EFORB’s vision.

More intriguing than combat though is EFORB’s idea behind a truly player driven experience. The story isn’t linear, if your player isn’t intelligent and isn’t cautious of how they interact with others you could find yourself locked out of various actions. The environment itself (all 8 square kilometers to start) is full of secret locations. Players can even create their own economy and businesses through a number of more “complicated” economic systems.

EFORB has also committed to a player developed atmosphere stating that they want to bring players in early, as fast as within 30 days of successful funding.

It’s certainly an ambitious project with some interesting ideas on the table. We’ll have to see how the internet supports the idea of Skies though and keep an eye on their Kickstarter.

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  1. I don’t see anything special in there.
    And sure as hell with just 350k they won’t make anything good out of this heap of raw textures.
    Perhaps they should have gone the ARPG way instead and tried to make for us a Fallout Online, the good old fallout 1 and 2 not the crap that came after. But this? no thanks.

  2. ehehe …. you are kidding me right …… did they use an engine from the 90’s ? …. hehehe i cant help but giggle at this …. seems like someone went full retard on this …

  3. $350k to a brand new dev team will never happen. They’re insane for thinking they could reach such a goal. They should have aimed for something much more reasonable.

    • actually, these guys said honestly, that this is just alpha in development. Kickstarter is the site where people collect funds for their uncompleted projects. some of the participants even don’t have anything to show at all, just the idea. By the way, I have already seen the video of better quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55snxQZHw-k so seems like the development is going on, progress is visible. personally, I wouldn’t be so biased. some of the features mentioned are ambitious, but if they realize them I would be happy to try out. really.

  4. Wow, this looks amazing! I never tried anything like this before. Looks interesting. THOSE UNDERGROUND SECRETS OMG. That customization has so much depth , if you look closely in the video , he was able to make the character look like more than 1 character. Awesome!

    • i have seen so many good games on kickstarter, maybe not even 2% were actually realeased. Im surprised the page is still running with all its real bad yet succesfull ripoff tactics.


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